Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Name Is Hurricane Earl (And Sega Finally Gets Credit)

Hurricane Earl's going to make landfall on the East Coast (mostly North Carolina) so pray that things go okay.  I've already had to go through Katrina and hurricanes are awful.  I don't know what's going to happen; just get out of there while you still can...


Also, this is Top 10 Greatest Video Games of All-Time.  If you disagree with this list, you are a Communist:

Wrong answer, man.  We know the best games of all time are Daytona USA, Daytona USA 2, Scud Race, OutRun 1, OutRun 2, Crazy Taxi, pretty much all those games to your right plus more--->

And Ralph Baer, guy who invented video games (now 88 years old), a great man who also knew about all kinds of real guns.  Hoo-ah!!

And then people will spin this into this twisted logic that every game now must have guns and violence in it.  Ok, I'm going to shut up now, but if we all wake up next morning in a twisted, grotesque world with a greyish hue, destroyed buildings, and blood everywhere...hey, don't say I didn't warn you.


Of course, every time I read Kotaku, I get filled with this sense of dread and unhappiness...but when I read Sega Nerds, I get filled with optimism and excitement!  Like check out this positive article...this magazine GamesTM or whatever lists the 100 best games of all time.  And guess what's on there!  NiGHTS, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bayonetta, Virtua Fighters, Super Monkey Ball, and OutRun 2, wow who would've thought Sega would make a DENT in something nowadays?  Ok, so you could argue that some should be swapped or so--yeah, but whatever, still 12 games is better than 0.  Way to go guys!,_100_great_games,100_great_covers

Wow, think about it, a SEGA RACER in a Top 100 list of a magazine...unbelievable, we beat the 1 in a trillion odds I guess.

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