Sunday, September 26, 2010

NASCAR License Goes To Activision

Why, if we have to make the Daytona USA game without the "Daytona" name then we'll do it.  But it doesn't help when Sega misses out again, especially since EA was sitting on the name for years.  Not like I'm that surprised by the news.

ADDED THIS: According to the article, the license is being used by Eutechnyx, this racing dev that was responsible for such classics as 007 Racing (remember this?), Big Mutha Truckers, Pimp My Ride, some Hot Wheels game, and Street Racing Synicate.  We can all sleep well at night knowing that the Daytona name is in good hands.


Oh yeah BTW, this is my long-time friend isamu's emulation cabinet...he plays Daytona USA on the PC Model2 Nebula Emulator.  So check it out.  It's quite an expensive cabinet (over $4000).


  1. Hi Eric, I'm sorry you seem to be a bit down at the moment. Maybe you know already but there are some cool Daytona USA 2 videos on Nicovideo (Nico Nico Douga). Speaking of racing games, Sega Amusements Europe are releasing the coin-op version of GRID next month and Namco are doing the same with Dead Heat Racing. The latter seems to be housed in a Fast & Furious cabinet-it has a PIN system and the same type of cheap gearstick to boot @_@! Maybe it's because Namco are distributing Raw Thrill games like Superbikes 2 (sequel to F&F Superbikes but without licence).

  2. Oh geez, now Raw Thrills loses the FnF license but they still keep going! Like a headless zombie, oh man.

    Yeah, this weekend was lousy but I'm feeling better now. If you have any direct links to Daytona 2 videos, let me know cause I can't seem to find them... Also anything on these new racing games, preferrably Sega Race TV and R-Tuned since I'm still curious about whatever driving games they're churning out in Japan...

    BTW, added a new line of this new company that will make NASCAR games.