Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm sorry.  I'm just chilling out playing my Sonic Adventure game, playing Rock Band, everything's ok.  Then I check out some more stuff on the internet.  And now you know why they say "no news is good news."  I'm really sorry that it has to be this way.

So anyway, Kotaku gets another interview with the guy about Yakuza zombies and this is what is said:

"We don't want to stop the Yakuza franchise. In terms of making entertainment, we're deadly serious," Kikuchi (Yakuza director) said of the bizarre addition. "We want to have the ability to branch out and create new game experiences [with Yakuza.] We've done it in the past with Yakuza Kenzan, a samurai themed game. Making differently themed games is our challenge to create new types of entertainment."

You know what.  Without beating around the bush, I'm going to tell you where they got the idea for zombies in Yakuza.



And if things weren't looking up anymore for Sega, here you go, a new Kinect Sega horror game complete with all that good M-rated depressing stuff that Sega didn't stand for in its eariler days (yeah you had House of the Dead, but that was made up by the hilarious Goldman).

What we saw of it at Microsoft's TGS keynote can best be described as a dark, seemingly on-rails title that has a real Silent Hill look and feel to it. There's blood, there's screaming, there's torture.

So that's great.  Let's make another incredibly violent game, that'll sell.  I mean, I know I sound stupid when I say this, but...I don't even know Sega anymore.  What the hell's going on?  We're never getting another Daytona USA game at this rate.  Plane's gonna crash into the water and we're gonna end up as castaways on an island where we will kill each other like cannibals.  Thanks, Sega, thanks.  This is what I get for being a loyal fan.


At least you're getting Valkyria Chronicles III for PSP and Phantasy Star 2 for some console, that ought to make some people happy.


And here we go again.  I can't believe we have to bring this up again.  ANOTHER GAMEFAQS BOARD CONTEST!?!?

Make a book, CD, DVD, or video game cover about the board you want.  I don't even know if I want to do this.  I mean, look at the last entry I made.  I don't even know if the board concept I had was even good enough.  Like I can make the best damn video game cover in the world, but if the judges think a Sega racing board is "stoopid," then that's it, no shot.  I'm good at Photoshop but not great.  I have until the 21st to do this and I'd rather see other peoples' entries first.

Please don't tell me I'm that thick-headed that I would do this...I swear, the admins are teasing me.  They have me like a fish on a hook.  Just flopping all over the place.

You know what, screw it, I'm just gonna take a nap I guess.

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