Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Penny Arcade Stuff

EDIT: Went back and fixed some of the RAGE'd portions of this article.

So here we go with Penny Arcade, that video game online comic with those two guys: Tycho and Gabe.  Ok, whatever, I read a lot of their stuff--I guess because I am completely out of touch with video game culture, I find them more annoying than anything, though I do enjoy bits and pieces of it.

And now there's this Penny Arcade Convention coming up...I mean, what's up with all these conventions...  You got E3, Comic-con, Dragoncon, Leipzig, Tokyo Game Show, PAX, Otakon...oh come on, how many times do we need all these good little video game shows with all these things that I don't care about being being announced, all these media orgies, it never ends!  I don't care, just shut up and leave me alone, cause everytime I hear the word "convention," it's like fingernails on the chalkboard.  Hey, why can't we have a Daytona USA convention, or a Sega Racing one?  I'd love that!  I know there's a Sonic the Hedgehog convention though, check it out here (it's in the UK).

And this is what I wanted to post first, in honor of Penny Arcade cause they actually mentioned Daytona USA...but just the soundtrack that is.

I think the comic's good, I'm not bashing it.  Look, I like the music in Daytona USA, but why is that the single lone focus of the entire game?  What about the GAMEPLAY...yeah I'm crazy to bring that up, I know.  The soundtrack is what "hooks" the mainstream gamer, not the gameplay itself--that would make too much sense.

Oh and just for you Penny Arcade nerds out there, a nerd orgy just in time for the big convention!  Oh man, gotta love these guys.  I think it has nothing to do with the covention organizers, but come on.


  1. I'm really late to make this comment, but back when this comic was made, there were still arcades, and there was a Daytona USA machine in every one of them. If you aren't playing Daytona, its attract mode (showing races while playing this song) could be grating. So the comic was just hyperbole for dudes who were probably tired of hearing that song while trying to play some skee-ball or DDR or whatever.

  2. That makes some sense although I'm willing to bet they played Daytona on the Saturn too. You can look at it different ways. Who knows.