Thursday, December 16, 2010

Better To Be Pissed Off Than To Be Pissed On

There's really a hundred different ways I can address this story, but since I'm tired, I'm going to make it as brief as possible...

Sega made a game for urinals.  Piss on the target and you win.  I'm not making this stuff up; click here.  Wait, what's going on?

Now, I know this is in Japan and I know that Sega has to be the "bad boy" to make money (cause other companies like Nintendo and Capcom have one-upped them in terms of professionalism and quality products) buy my goodness, couldn't they invest their time into some real games?  BTW, I could "cheat" by bringing in a water bottle or a super soaker--HIGH SCORE BABY.  Who has that kind of a bladder?

I may talk up Sega, but they're still a huge enigma as far as I'm concerned.  You take a look and you've got Sonic over there, Yakuza over there, et. al. but the rest, I have no idea what the hell's going on.  Like who expected this:

Could be worse, it could've been one of those hentai/lolicon/weirdo games.  Instead, this is just one of those little mingame things like WarioWare.


Quick, get these links in here:

Sega Dreamcast compilation game is real and coming out for 360/PS3 next year, what other games will be on it is not known.

Platinum Games making more stuff for Sega.

Spike VGA's drop in ratings
bwahahaha, jerkoffs are going down...

And these are semi-old but read them anyway.  1-up interviews with Yu Suzuki.  Talks about Shenmue 3 (ideas he has that he'll never use cause S3 will never exist), talks about Model 1/2 boards with Lockheed Martin, talks about AM2, talks about the Dreamcast, talks about Nagoshi and that crap.  It's actually quite lengthy.

Part 1
Part 2

He really doesn't talk about anything but this is as close as it gets to Sega racers:

JM: How do you feel the gamer has changed? The industry is still very young -- only 35 years-old or so -- but 15 years ago you created Daytona USA. Look at how much has changed in that time. In Hang-On you have only one motorcycle. Games like Daytona you only have two or three cars to choose from. Now, Gran Turismo 5 is out and it has over a thousand cars in the game. Personally, I'll never use 1,000 cars, maybe only 6 of them. Do you think people have now mistaken quantity for quality? Is there such a thing as too much?

YS: Yeah, user expectations are to blame, too. If given the option of 1000 cars and 10 cars in a game, the user will most likely take the game with 1,000 cars. Games with fewer options can't compete on the same level because the user will always choose the game with more cars.


JM: OK. Now for something completely random. Did you really own an F355?

YS: Yeah, I still do.


Throw in one more thing to this terrible lump of a post.  So I replay Crazy Taxi on 360 on Arcade course and now I get $67,000 with Gus.  I wasted too much time looking for people.  If you get stuck around Square Park or Borders Paradise places, you'll run out of people.  You just have to hope that your passengers will take you around the Fire Station area because that's where you get a lot of people late in the game.

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