Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Funtime Is Here Again -- Crazy Taxi Tips, Rock Band FCs

For me, Christmas break unofficially begins now.  All I have are three exams left which I've got "in the bag."  Next week, just study a little, drive up there, turn in your books, and then I'm done.

I really can't believe it's Christmas time again.  Everything is nice.  Christmas lights, Santa, snow (in limited amounts), cookies, nativity scenes, crazy shoppers.  The air is cleaner, the food tastes better, you get the idea.  It's cold in Louisiana which is nice.  Just being here is a Christmas gift itself.  Oh yeah, and no school or that's my kind of vacation.

Also would like to wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah.  I'm not a fan of the term "Happy Holidays," so if I have to list every holiday, I'll do it...


Last night, I got some good video game time in.  One thing I played was Crazy Taxi.  I wanted to see how much better I could do if I tweak the options to the easiest settings.  So I play the arcade course as B.D. Joe and my first score is a mediocre $18,000...  Okay, there's gotta be something that I'm missing.  So let's learn how to do the Limit Cut.  I read the GameFAQs guide and I still couldn't figure out how the hell to do this because the instructions weren't specific enough.  But after fooling around with it, I finally figured it all out.

If you want to make crazy money in this game, this trick is ESSENTIAL.  You'll get speed boosts like the Mushroom in Mario Kart.  Let me tell you how to do it.

1. Be cruising forward, preferably in a straight line.
2. Let off the gas pedal.  Don't worry, you'll hardly lose any speed.
3. Shift to R.
4. Wait for about .3-.4 seconds.  THIS IS CRUCIAL.  If you don't wait long enough, it won't work.
5. Shift to D.
6. Right after you shift, hit the gas pedal.  Once again, timing is crucial but it mostly hinges on how long you wait to shift.

At first I thought it was just R-D-gas as fast as you can but that didn't work.  You'll know you did it right when the engine revs really high and the controller shakes.  Do this every couple of seconds.  Speed boosts allow you to get MAJOR air and increased tips as you zip by traffic.  Please note though that it's harder to turn when you're limit cutting so don't do it when you're turning hard.

Now why this isn't common knowledge is beyond me.  The game never specifically tells you how to do it.  Not even the Crazy Box gives you tips for this.  This is probably the game's biggest flaw.  But hey, now you know so good for you.  Knowledge is power.

First time I tried limit cutting, I got $60,000 with Gus (Arcade course).  Picked up 154 customers.  I just ran out of people to pick up.  I could try harder next time because it wasn't a flawless run by any means.  Maybe it's time I take my newfound skills to an actual arcade cabinet!

Crazy Taxi Maps and Links here.


Now about Rock Band.  Well, I know that I'll never be able to FC hard songs like Rainbow in the Dark or Peace Sells so I might as well go for high scores on easier songs to get a morale boost.  What I mean is FC an easier song and use Overdrive (Star Power) when there's the largest group of notes.  So I'm playing Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan on Expert Guitar and I get the FC for the first time and I get #1 on the leaderboard.  I just about flipped out.  ICE WATER in my veins.  Also impeccable Overdrive path.  433,869 points.  Ok, no one cares but I do and that's what matters!!

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