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Daytona 2 Posts Of Grief -- The Pain And The Yearning

rjay told me "Look at these old links," so I did.  I am SO SORRY I stayed up late again, but it's worth it.  These are from Google Groups.  I'm sorry I couldn't sift through the whole thing but trying to sum up this big lump of posts is hard enough already.  Not only am I going to post the link to the post, but also the year it was posted.  You don't have to read everything cause a lot of it is what you'd expect...:

The day we dreaded has come (1999)
Long drawn out post, loves the scenery porn, it's a classic, bring the game to Dreamcast.  Don't understand what he means by dreading this day.  Also, this Brian Fox guy is a Debbie Downer who wants all racing games to be bland with no eye candy whatsoever.

Bring these games to a console.

Daytona -- When, Sega, When? (2000)
Bring Daytona 2 to Dreamcast.  Everyone loves Daytona.  Also talks about "Daytona 500" which would later become Daytona for the Dreamcast (I presume).  Love the last comment about Daytona 2:

I believe this is one of Sega's surprises that they are keeping quiet on because they know how much demand there is for a Dreamcast version. Expect to hear nothing on it until Sega wants to let the cat out of the bag. 

We're still waiting.

Sega's Scud Racer and Daytona USA 2 (2003)
Give us Xbox ports.  How about this:

OMFG, what I would give for a completely accurate port of Daytona 2 + Power Edition on XBox with Live support. I'd give my eye teeth!

Eye teeth?

Daytona USA 2 (2000)
Why is Sega not working on this Dreamcast port?

Daytona 2!  WARNING: I may get deep on this one!! (1999)
Wow, this is one huge-ass lump of text.  The enter button is your friend.  Now this Julian Smith guy..we kind of think alike.  Like it's just strange to see another human being that salivates as much as I do over a Daytona 2 game.

These two racing games are in my opinion the ABSOLUTE GREATEST racing games on this or any other planet!!

Oh look, Mark Kim, the dude that wrote those Daytona 1 and 2/Scud Race/Crazy Taxi guides on GameFAQs.  I have no idea where he is now.  He also gave NASCAR Arcade a higher rating than Daytona (via GameFAQs reviews) so he's useless.  I even sent him an email years back and told him about the Marubaku videos, but he didn't reply.

SEGA-Daytona is awesome-Now Listen-Make Daytona 2! (2001)
Just more of the same.  Oh look, it's our good friend isamu.  Wow, he was way into this before I even knew about it.

The fact that Scud Race and Daytona 2 weren't released when the Dreamcast came out *LITERALLY* drove me to tears. Yes I wept like an uncontrollable baby.

I won't lie--I cried over Daytona USA 2 too.  Come on man, we're all entitled to cry over ONE thing that's not a family member, pet, or disaster.

WARNING Sega: If you're reading this, you have a severely mentally obsessed and crazed fan out here that will do *ANYTHING* to own these two games. So I advise you to proceed with your Dreamcast plans with caution!! That's it I'm threw.

Caution is good.  And yes, we're all mentally obsessed with this crap.  It's our curse, our burden.  We wander the world and people shun us.  It's not easy.  This is going to you Halo and Final Fantasy fans who will always be happy cause your devs will throw you a bone every few months.  On the other hand, us Sega dudes will rip the tooth out BY THE ROOT just for a lick of SOMETHING.

'Sega Racing Classic'? Is this at last Daytona USA 3 ??? (2009)this link is down DAMMIT

Remember that Sega Racing Classic is the Daytona USA remake for arcades?  And there's nothing new about it except the removal of the Daytona trademark and the enhanced screen resolution.  Just heartbreaking to read everyone's heightened anticipated which fell crashing to the ground.  I felt the same way at the time.


Aaaaannnddd....that's it.  I honestly can't post anymore topics.  Oh hell, for all of you guys, I posted way back my own rant about Daytona USA 2.  There, read it and enjoy it.  I still feel the same about it.

Now, let me say why I added the dates.  You know how back then, back in 1999-2003 or whatever, people really wanted Daytona 2?  Scud Race?  Well, guess what...

I never thought I'd be saying this, but it's the year 2010.  Scratch that, almost 2011.  Let me rephrase that, it's the Year Two Thousand Eleven in the year of Our Lord.  Which means as of now, Daytona 1 is 16 years old, Scud Race is 14, and Daytona 2 is 12.  And people have been waiting for a decade.

Do you think as time passes that the odds of a re-release of some sort go down?  Well, when you have Sega in dire straits and Nagoshi working on these generic FPS/adventure games, I don't know.  I just don't know.  Peace out dudes.  Until then, we must keep the faith alive.  Cause that's all we can do.

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