Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 -- Too Much Hype Over A Piece Of Crap?


I talked up Gran Turismo 5 a lot recently.  I don't own the game (sorry, I don't have "great" access to a PS3 now) but I just wanted to wait it out for a week or so to see what people say about it.  I was mostly hyped by the "We Love Cars" commercials and the fact that the devs really wanted the game to be good, it seems.  Better that than to rush out a piece of crap.

Despite what I'm about to say, I still think GT5 is a good game, but I'm posting from a observer's perspective.

Anyway, people expecting this to be the greatest thing that ever happened to simulation games may be disappointed.  Please note that I'm not "reviewing" the game myself because obviously, I haven't played it.  Here's some of the things that people are bringing up which is certainly unusual considering how much time they had to finish it:

* Game starts off too slow--have to use crap cars for a while
* Still boring sense of speed
* Clunky menus
* Regular cars (800+, imported from previous GT's) look mediocre compared to premium cars (just 200-ish)
* A few instances of bland textures and lighting
* Online play is hokey with no matchmaking and relies entirely on having a good host
* Can't earn money/cars/other unlockables in online modes
* Menu music is annoying--elevator/porno music
* Screen tearing, a biggie considering the PS3's graphical capabilities
* Driving physics still aren't that realistic after all
* No Porsches (you get RUFs instead)
* Long load times
* You have to unlock car damage (yes, you don't start with it at first, wtf)
* Car damage is weird
* Course creation is not up to par
* Doesn't have Forza's design or storefront features

"Well, sometimes you can't help these people 'til they hit rock bottom." - George Costanza


Time for links:

The Gran Turismo 5 Screenshot Hall of Shame - Really?  That Suzuki Works looks just like that?  You sure this is GT5?

Unspoken Truth of Gran Turismo 5 (NSFW: profanity) - Just some guy dissecting all the complaints from the Eurogamer review in comparison to their optimistic 9/10 score.  Click here for the actual Eurogamer review.

IGN's GT5 Review - Yes, I know everyone hates IGN(orant), but still, gotta give them some credit.  Game gets an 8.5.  Not the best for something so anticipated as this.

UK Resistance Dislikes GT5 (NSFW: profanity) - Not a big surprise; they hate Sony.  Probably because A. Sony Playstation 2 killed the Dreamcast and B. a Sony exec slept with the dude's wife.  Doesn't really bother me about their opinion.

Giant Bomb Review - Three stars out of 5.  A 3/5.  Reveiwer's Comment: A grind-heavy career mode and inconsistent visuals keep this otherwise fantastic driving simulation from finishing first.  Well, these are also the same people who gave Split/Second a 4/5 so I'm afraid I must throw this one in the trash.

Gamespot Review - 8.0 which is not very flattering.  Like Giant Bomb, career grinding seems to be apparent here.


Now look.  You will get the inevitable GT5 vs. Forza 3 comments.  GT5 came out later so Forza 3 has the "I came out first" advantage.  But look, there's one thing that I really, really like about GT5 over Forza 3...TRACK SELECTION.  Yes, Forza 3 has Amalfi Coast, Fujimi Kaido, Montserrat/Catalunya, Nurburgring, New York, and Sunset Peninsula, but the first two are too damn complicated for regular racing.  Gran Turismo has had Special Stage 5 (Any night courses in Forza?  Anyone?), Trial Mountain, Autumn Ring, Tokyo R246, about this BIGGIE...:

GT5 has more tracks but not by much. And hey, GT5 already has some of those F3 courses too, like Tsukuba, Fuji, Suzuka, Nurburgring, La Sarthe, and Laguna Seca.  Um, courses are a big part of any racing game and that's what I like about GT5 so far.  Shame that old tracks like Seattle, Seoul, Hong Kong, Red Rock Valley, Grand Valley, Apricot Hill, Tahiti Road, Pikes Peak, and Grindelwald didn't make it.  Remember, More tracks = GOOD.  You can NEVER have too many tracks in my opinion.  Just as long as it doesn't detract from the devs' focus on the core gameplay.

Gran Turismo 5 Track List
Forza 3 Track List

Oh, and throw in these two things too: GT5 has the Kubelwagen in it.  Forza 3 doesn't.  GT5 has more than eight cars on the track at once.  Forza 3 doesn't.  GT5 has rally racing.  Forza 3 doesn't.  So there.

NOTE: I'm not saying Forza 3 sucks cause it's been fun for a while (PI ratings killed it) and it allowed me to make those Daytona 2 cars.  I'm just a bit annoyed when everyone claims Forza is the best thing since sliced bread and Gran Turismo is ass-backwards.

I also have a good PS3 junkie of a friend who has GT5 and he admits the game isn't perfect, but he really likes it anyway.  He gives it at least a 9.5/10.  He also said that a game of this caliber couldn't live up to its expectations no matter how hard they tried.  Let me reiterate--I still think the game is great from first glance.  I rooted for GT5, but if there are flaws, then that's what it is.  I wish Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital luck in the future.  That's all I have to say.


EDITEDITEDIT: Look at this, pretty cool.  GT5 footage looks a bit too saturated, but you get my drift:

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