Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Alright, enough with the video game rants for a little while.  This one's about Christmas.  So we only have two days left.  So far, it's been rather uneventful.  Haven't really seen many Christmas lights.  The cold weather (which I actually like...I'd move up north if I ever got out of here) has gone.  Like you'd expect to see Christmas carolers, snow, shoppers with bags, Santa Claus imposters, candy canes, manger scenes, etc. but...not a whole lot going on.  Maybe because we're in a recession, people are less likely to go do stuff so I don't know.

So I decide to go run some errands which basically means spend a lot of money for myself.  Alright, we're at the mall again and there's quite a few people there, but I don't see traffic jams or congested parking lots, it's cool as usual.  So I take the time to play Crazy Taxi again and I only get two tries.  I up my best score to $7,700 with Gena which is good but I can do much better.  Just like Daytona USA 2, I have to play the heck out of it to learn the subtleties of it.  It's another self-taught thing.  You know what--I bet that the Crazy Taxi game will be taken away soon, just a hunch.  Not like I see anyone playing it, but since it's a lone cabinet off in the corner somewhere, they probably won't think of it.

Oh, and this is quite interesting.  I told you about the Help Wanted sign I saw before.  I was thinking about getting a job there just to make some extra money in a comfortable environment since I've got plenty of time on my hands now.  On this sign was a phone number to call to get information, presumably the owner's home phone number.  That sign has been up for a week and I've called that number ten times and left two messages with not a single reply.  Now the sign's gone.  What a bunch of idiots.  There's also a Help Wanted sign in Office Depot...giddy up folks.

Back on topic, the only Christmas-y thing that I've done so far is prod my family into taking a drive around some nearby neighborhood with all these Christmas lights.  There were some good houses with lots of stuff.  I also counted about ten inflatable snowball Santas...take a while ball and put the hat, face, arms, and beard on it.

Also, my younger brother knows some rather wealthy friends from his school and he got invited to a Christmas party...just kind of sucks that I haven't gone to any social events either.

So, uh, I enjoy this time of year since you don't have to go to school and you get to to crazy stuff.  I wish I could put off Christmas for some time, but no.  I expect to get a few gifts like the Rock Band Keyboard and a digital camera, but that stuff's not too important to me.  I want my family to be happy.

I also thought about giving you guys something...not sure what I can do though I may have something fortunate for those who read my blog.

Anyway, hope you guys have a good one for now.


Super Terrific Bonanza: This is two years old.  In case you don't know, I live in southeast Louisiana.  It never snows here, but when it does, all hell breaks loose.  This was back in December 11, 2008 which is the day of that infamous Louisiana snowstorm.  I was driving to school to take an exam, but then it snowed on the way there and I started to take some shots on my cell phone.  Hey, I was stuck in traffic...I had time.  Check it out:

One of the best days of my life!

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