Friday, December 17, 2010

Eric, What The Hell Are Ya Talkin' About?

Edited it a little bit, damn NBC blocked the old vid so I reposted it

You know, I've made about 160 posts on this blogspot and I'm fairly certain that a few people who have actually given me some thought have said, "Eric, what are you talking about?"  You know, because of the lack of hits and exposure.  My inane mumblings about crusty old video games no one seems to like.  What for?  Why am I still here?  Well, I'll give you a couple of reasons:

1. Cause it helps keep my mind straight.  What do I mean by that?  Well, look at people today. There's just too many people who are, for lack of a better term, bored as hell.  They sit there for hours on their World of Warcraft or their Call of Duty game.  Yes, I know that we are all guilty of that, but some to a greater extent than others.  I know a couple of people like that.  In a creative gridlock, they just play games to escape and they really don't gain anything from it.  They have little motivation to get up and do something.

What I really advise people to do is do something CREATIVE.  Paint pictures, write books or poems, learn how to code and design video games.  This blog is just one of my outlets.  It lets me flex my mind and talk about stuff.  It's kind of like a journal, except other people can read it (although not many choose too).  BTW, just because I'm not popular doesn't mean I can't own a blog.  That's the beauty of it!

So if you're that bored, try doing something creative.  Doesn't mean you have to stop gaming, but learn something new while you're at it.

2. If you've seen the movie Field of Dreams, you'll know about this:

Ray, people will come Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for the past. Of course, we won't mind if you look around, you'll say. It's only $20 per person. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it: for it is money they have and peace they lack. And they'll walk out to the bleachers; sit in shirtsleeves on a perfect afternoon. They'll find they have reserved seats somewhere along one of the baselines, where they sat when they were children and cheered their heroes. And they'll watch the game and it'll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they'll have to brush them away from their faces. People will come Ray. The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come. 

I believe that if I get up here and I keep stirring up the Sega hopefuls that I will be able to bring about SOMETHING good from's only a matter of time.  They will yearn for the old days of good racing games...  People will talk about DAYTONA USA and will never die.  Never let those Mario Kart/Burnout/FnF pinheads wash it away.  Never give up, never surrender.  Hopefully we'll touch the nerve of some Sega higher-ups and be able to bestow some good fortune upon them.  People may question my purpose, but I'll remain steadfast.  We've got to do our part, people.  I tear up just thinking about it.

This blog is just the first step.  Then we will make that new Sega racing game and then truly people will come and be blessed by it.  And they may say "What the hell are you thinking, this game won't sell," but we won't be stopped.  But it will be a good game.  Reviewers and Average Joes alike will tremble and drop the controller in awe after what they've seen.  Then Sega will be revived and all will be okay in the gaming world.  By God, I know it.



  1. Hi Eric, two pieces of news...maybe worth a blog entry?

    Gran Turismo 5 for the arcade?

    One of the best Daytona USA 2001 players (Japan) posts his replays on Youtube

  2. Thanks, I took a look at those. There will also be a GT5 show on Speed Channel I assume...