Friday, December 24, 2010

Victory Road -- Free Daytona USA/Virtua Racing Indie Game

This most certainly isn't new, but if you have the time, check out this game.  I didn't make it, someone else did back in 2003.  It's free and it's not that bad for an entry-level video game design project...

Click the link, then Get VR on the left, then the blue text that says "DOWNLOAD FULL GAME NOW!"  If you're using Vista/Win7, download the .dll patch too and extract it to your base folder.  Game works fine for me so I assume you can handle it.  Not that hard to install...I hope.

As for the game itself, it uses plenty of Daytona USA stuff, such as the car and the music.  The handling is similar to Virtua Racing in that turning causes you to drift, plus it uses the checkpoint music as well (TIME BOWNUS! *doodooteedoo*).  The Advanced and Expert courses are completely original and they're not that bad-looking...too bad you have to unlock them though (just win a race on the easiest difficulty, I think).

Oh yeah, you can also run over people and you hear this *blop* noise, lol it's stupid and incredibly non-violent.

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