Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Daytona" Toy Cars And Indy 500 Micro Machines PICS

I was trying out my new camera so I decided to snap some normal shots of some cars I have.  Click to enlarge them.

These regular Hot Wheels-sized cars look like stock cars from Daytona USA...I bought them from Dollar Tree a very, very long time ago...  I actually like the way they look despite not being official NASCAR merchandise.  They look similar to the Hornet in that they resemble old '80-'90's stock cars.  I have them on my desk.  Too bad there's no P6 pink car (purple instead), but you get a silver car as a bonus.


And this is the 1996 Indianapolis 500 Starting Grid Micro Machine set I got recently.  I have yet to open it, but I probably will.  Don't really care about collector's items and whatnot...not like it was worth that much in the first place ($55 in the original package).  I may show some more pics of my Micro Machines collection later.


Yes, that's one of my broken RB2 guitars as well as my RB3 keyboard right there, oh yeah.

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