Friday, December 16, 2011

Done With This Semester, Now To "Prepare" For Christmas

Well, as you all know, I haven't posted much recently.  I got these comments on the blog and the message board to read.  I've been very busy taking care of schoolwork AKA finishing up Super Sprint the game.  It's much better now.  I worked three straight weeks on it with me and some other student.  I'll have to get it to you guys soon.  Sorry if I sound incoherent through this whole thing since I'm super-tired ATM.  Plus my nose has been acting up due to allergies lately (this air is not safe around here).

I mean you really ought to be stoked for this game.  It's basically "Super Super Sprint" or "Hyper Sprint."  Got better graphics, better tracks, better AI, more cars on screen, it's freakin sweet man.

But anyway, how it all panned out was my programming instructor (who loves Super Sprint), decided to include my game at this End of the Year showcase for all sorts of games that were made over this one semester.  This showcase is completely optional.  I finished Super Sprint in two weeks and I already got my grade and could've just walked away with no obligation whatsoever.  But no, rather than go home and spend precious Christmas time, I decided to work on the game for one more week and "impress" everybody.  I even got my dad to fly down here for a day to join me.  I really only did this for one reason--cause I didn't want to leave another racing game behind.  Against all odds, gotta keep making stuff I like.

This is my last shot at making a "decent" racing game before I dive head-first into next year's programming boot camp.  Then all semblance of fun ends there.  As "unfun" as this semester was while working with goofballs and getting hosed by peer reviews, and having my game offers rejected, next semester is only going to get worse as I'm there from January to May, being forced to work on programming homework and Battle Fortress Tortoise, two things that seem less interesting than Super Sprint.

So how did the showcase go?  Well, the game is for PC and Xbox.  I spent some time at the last minute trying to fine-tune the game (the guy who promised to do some of the artwork bailed at the last second so I had to do it...Merry Christmas indeed).  Then the game was put on a medium-sized TV nearby the showcase.  I didn't really get a whole lot of "props" for it.  So my teacher said he was very impressed.  That's good but it's not like I "needed" to get credibility with him anyway--we're already friends and I have an A in his class.  Was it really worth taking my time to do this?

As much as it pains me to do so, it was just great, albeit very painful.  I just can't not do these things...I can't sit on the opportunity to make a racing game.  To pitch a racing game.  To do whatever whenever any bone-headed opportunity comes up.  And if it means looking really stupid, well...I already look stupid anyway.  Sitting there all socially awkward.  At least I'm going down in a blaze of glory. Just that I don't see the "good" that comes out of stuff like this until much, much later.

So I watched the winning Capstone presentations again (like sticking me with needles) said Merry Christmas to some of my friends, gave my teammate my PC copy of OutRun 2006, then I just walked to the parking lot and drove home.  No dramatic moments.  Nothing like Charlie Bucket putting down the Everlasting Gobstopper and then Willy Wonka saying, "Charlie....congratulations, you won!!"  Just left school and that's the end of this semester.  I'm driving home ten hours tomorrow.

Pssh, I don't like traveling all over the place, especially since I've become accustomed to living in my home in Orlando.  So to go back to Slidell, LA for a month then back to Orlando for more hellish work, I don't know...I'm not really the man they thought I was before cause it puts me at unease.

Geez, all I really wanted to do was make a good racing game...well, in theory, I already did that so why am I complaining?  We still have more to do, much, MUCH, more to do.

The end of Sonic Adventure 2:

A new day brings new adventure.

But for now... 

Rest easy heroes.

Going home to see my family after four months.  Doesn't feel like Christmas down here in Orlando.  Like being stuck in a damn time capsule.  I gotta see what's going on in my hometown and relax for a while.