Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nagoshi's Reign Will Never End!!!

Just received word yesterday that Shigeru Miyamoto is retiring at the age of 59.  Aww, I'm so sad.  Or maybe he won't.  He's like Yu Suzuki--he'll have to "retire" a couple of times before he actually stops working.

And, to actually garner some more PR, Toshihiro Nagoshi says he won't retire ever.  Even though he's 46 now, he'll keep working.  Atta boy, Nagoshi.  We need 20+ more Yakuza games in the next ten years.

BTW, I had that Toshihiro Nagoshi "Useless" picture hanging up at my desk and a couple of people asked who this was.  I showed them Nagoshi and told them what he did (make Daytona, then 10000 Yakuza games).  Then the conversation proceeded to go like this:

Hopefully, Nagoshi doesn't try to "rub me out" or anything, rofl.

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