Friday, December 2, 2011

Racing Games In Decline Pt. 5: The Votes Have Been Cast...

About a month ago, I was incredibly downtrodden when my racing game pitch at FIEA got shot down.  Well, today, the cohort delivered the Top 10 C(r)apstone presentations.  Here's the Top 10.  Now the faculty has narrowed it down to the Top 5.  Once again, the students ranked the games from 1 to 10, which had a huge influence on what games got picked (the faculty could veto any game they thought wasn't feasible).

The winners are...Plushy Knight, Penned, 1st Edition, Battle Fortress Tortoise, and Apocalypse Valley.  The game I am working on is.....Battle Tortoise Fortress.  That is apparently my life for the next three, maybe six months.  I'll have to show you some of the artwork for this some time.  So now...I like turtles (well, tortoises).

EDIT: I gutted the main part of the post in which I go on to describe the games in further detail.  The picks were Plushy Knight, Battle Fortress Tortoise, Penned, 1st Edition, and Apocalypse Valley.  I've cut back on my opinions of the games that made & didn't made it.  I have to draw the line somewhere.

With that being said, no one likes racing games, I get it.  Even if I had made it to the Top 10, it would have NEVER won.  NEVER, NEVER EVER WOULD HAVE WON.  Racing games are a joke.  And even if somehow, the faculty decided to slip a racing game through, they would've assigned me to a completely different team.  Then swamp me with tons of homework from other classes to ensure it never gets worked on.  I'm dead f***in' serious.  Shot down.  Like Jerry Seinfeld the Cable Boy.  Or even Bonnie & Clyde.

EDIT: I also forgot Justin Bieber!

That's why I'm making such a big deal out of this mini Super Sprint game I've been working on.  Cause as far as I'm concerned, this is the last racing game I'll ever get to work on.  I'll be working on a tortoise game (or something else should BFT not make the vertical slice) then, assuming I can actually get a job, will be hired by EA and forced to work on something silly like FIFA or Dead Space.  Bank on it.  So that's why I hold Super Sprint so dear to my heart now.

Here's the AI I created for the game:

Yeah, so I just want to mope listening to sad songs from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tears for Fears.  So AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR

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  1. I can't help but think (jokingly) that the school's preparing or setting everyone up for what it's like to work with EA: :"We know you want to work on this idea, and we can see why, but we'll shelf that in favor of the more questionable ideas that we know you have no desire to work on. Have fun!" But maybe it'll be more fun than it seems, with BFT let's hope. Still, when I look at games on the shelves and wonder how half of them even got past the approval process, I'll have some idea why. Some things sound wonderful on paper, but if the execution hasn't been planned out... well, that's why people get heated when it comes to politics.

    Believe it or not, one of my roommates said they should make a Sonic game where you should be able to shoot enemies, unaware of the Shadow game, and he loves Shadow. I kid you not. My roommates are like that: "They should make a game where ____ with ___." - "They did, it's called ___ and it SUCKED."

    Another thing about artists that make me ashamed to be part of the label - they can be very emotional people to a fault. Throw critical thinking and logic out the window about the best concept, they have to feel personally attached and emotionally invested to something OR ELSE (sadly female artists are more prone to this, as much as I'd hate to say it). Successfully pull their emotional strings and you've got them dancing to your act.

    Because passion is what drives people! (Don't watch what is more than necessary)

    I see this all the time in Denver. People get in arguments and debates, and if their reasoning for what they're arguing is fueled purely by raw emotion by how they feel, with facts you can rip their argument to shreds and just annihilate it. I know a lot of artists pride themselves on their interpretation of what it means to be "open-minded" but holy crap they can be the first to block out what they don't want to hear or see.

    But I hope there's a lesson in this for them. They may able to be creative, but creativity also has its faults. Don't make something creative enough, people will be reminded of something else. Worst case scenario, you get accused of ripping off something. But make something too creative, people don't recognize it or is outside their comfort zone, and they'll look for something they're more familiar with. There's a lot of guys here whose ideas are outside the box and really out there, in terms of art, but it appeals to nobody but themselves.

    That's what people forget about making games. Don't make a game that you want to play and enjoy, make a game that you want everyone including yourself to play and enjoy.

    Heh, looks like you've got the look and feel down for Super Sprint. That red car going in circles reminds me of some online Daytona players. Though if I had to play critic, I'd spread the hazards out throughout the track. And maybe it's the video, but I keep thinking that's a dog bone instead of a wrench.

    We've got to persevere through life's hurdles if we intend to reach our goals. Happy weekend.