Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Hello kids, in most of the world, it's already 2012 but here in the US it isn't!  Anyway, this has been a good year...we got the Daytona USA port and Bart's Supermodel emulator.  I made it through one semester of gaming school which is a great accomplishment.  We've had our horrible setbacks like the Japanese quake but we made it through for now.  Let's hope that next year is better.  I know I have brutal gaming school starting again in January 9th which really sucks on top of a bevy of other video game and real-world news so let's pray for the best.  Oh, you know it's gonna be a BLAST leading up to Dec. 21.

I really don't care much about New Year's since I think it's another excuse for people to party.  It's a digit turning in the calendar.  But without New Year's our Christmas break wouldn't be nearly as long so be thankful for that.  And Auld Lang Syne is an annoying song...the phrase means "old friends" so what the hell does that mean?  An opportunity to crack a stupid joke like, "I haven't seen you since last year,"?  And fireworks are kind of cool but if you go outside for just a minute you come back smelling like smoke and that's not fun.  And New Year's Resolutions are stupid--make a resolution EVERY DAY, not just on Jan. 1st.

I've had this blog for a year and a half.  Last year, for good old time's sake, I posted my personal Top 10 posts of 2010.  Now I'm going to do the same for 2011.  Problem is I have 12 months of posts to glaze over as opposed to 6 months from last year so it's gonna be tough.  So here's my Top 10 in no particular order:

1. The Forza 3 Experience -This was the second post I made in 2011 and it's prett-ay good.  Playing online and getting my ass much fun.

2. BOYCOTT GAMEINFORMER MAGAZINE, SCREW BURNOUT - Wow!  This has to be my angriest moment in the history of this blog.  No way you insult OutRun 2 on my watch.  If you want to see why I hate Burnout and mainstream gaming media, read this....

3. Super Sprint Remake Preview - While you can download the game in this post, that preview post lays out everything for you. :3

4. DAYTONA USA YYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH - STOKED for a new Daytona USA port!!!  Plus more fun pics that should Sega should take to heart.

5. LEAVE SEGA ALONE!!! - Haters gonna hate on Sega, but what is Sega doing about it?  This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.

6. Group Think In Video Games? - Why do people keep playing the same video games?  Now you know why.

7. OutRun 2: Bring A Road Map!! - Awesome diagram of real-world OutRun 2 locations!

8. Awesome Scud Race Magazine Article!!! - You want to read something uplifting on Scud Race?  Now you got it.  Very interesting read with a special thanks to the Blue Skies Daily blog affiliate of ours.

9. Gaming School: How I Learned To Stop Worrying (About Grades) And Love To Ridicule Everyone - This entry is totally personal but it basically exposes the stupidity in grades at school.  And I throw people under the bus, cool!!

10. Supermodel Emulator...First Time I've Played Daytona 2 In A Long, LLLooooonnnngggg Time... - I was awe-struck to play the Supermodel emulator for the first time...and that was just the first release (no sound) running at 10% speed on my slow-ass laptop...

11 (Dammit can't believe I forgot this one!). Sega: More Sinister Than Meets The Eye? - The truth about Sega is out there.

Honorable Mentions:

* Daytona USA Guide: Make A Paper Hornet!!! -  I bought the Daytona USA guide books a while back and now here's some of the scans.  Fantastic Daytona media for you!

* What I Learned About Game Design In Three Days (And How It Pertains To Sega Racers) - At FIEA, I learned some good stuff in game design/publishing so now's your chance to digest it.  It's gold, Jerry, GOLD!!!

* TWO CATASTROPHIC RACE FAILS IN ONE DAY - Still f***in' hilarious even in 2012.

* Daytona USA Reviews--Kill Me Now - While I can't load up my Top 10 with bitter "everyone sucks" posts, this one takes the cake as you Daytona USA port haters get your dues.

* More Thoughts About Dan Wheldon Crash - Dan's fatal crash at Las Vegas still hurts and here's some more retrospect on this whole thing.

EDIT: * Original Lego Racers PICS 2: DAYTONA USA EDITION - Yo dawg, I heard you like legos...?


There's many more good posts of mine I wish I could showcase but I can't.  Hey, I still have more things to talk about in the near future.  Until then, see you in 2012.


  1. Happy 2012. Let's hope school gets better, though I can't name many games I'm looking forward to coming out this year other than VF. Not yet anyway.

  2. You have good luck at school as well. Hey, Sonic CD's out and Sega MIGHT release more racing games, one can hope... :S

  3. I already got 200/200 on Sonic CD with all extra modes unlocked =D. And Sega just announced HOTD4 is finally going to get a console release via PSN for the Move. HOTD3 as well, but that's not much to write about (the weakest in the series IMO). Talk about backfires. Always wanted HOTD4 to come home, now on the system I don't own. Maybe I can find a deal or something.

  4. hi,

    big fan of your newfound blog..
    i just finished going through all
    the old posts.. very nice stuff.
    at least the racing related things.
    i'm a huge sega racing game fan also
    (along with vf, and a lot of their
    other classic games)...

    my favorite sega racers
    1 indy 500/virtua racing
    2 sega rally / sega rally 2
    3 daytona
    all the rest are below that..
    i have an xbox 360.. played
    sega rally revo (never did finish it).
    the online version, daytona..

    i also have a ps2, with a japanese
    swap disc to play sega rally 2006...

    i have all the ORIGINAL pc versions
    of their racings games..touring car,
    all the daytona versions, manx tt ,
    crazy taxi etc.. i also use emulators
    for all the different systems/games..

    and a dreamcast/saturn and all the
    racing games on those too...

    i DONT play namco or any other racers.
    strictly sega.. although i have some
    nascar/forza games for the xbox..not
    really into them though..

    wishing you a happy new year,
    and thanks for all the information..

    i wish you would post some information
    about indy 500.. i have written the
    faq for it at gamefaqs (and also
    for sega rally)... i just got back
    into playing it with nebula. i have
    some issues with 1.0, but 0.9 works
    fine... i'll be updating it soon, and
    if you want the information i'll let
    you have it.. there are still things
    to find out in that game.. (just learned
    about a turbo charge boost you can get
    from going into the pitstop and coming
    out in gear 1!) ... my times aren't the
    greatest.. but i'll be posting some
    gameplay videos on youtube..

    i also want to go back and revisit
    sega rally 2006 (japan only),.. there's
    a lot in that game, but i haven't
    explored it as much as i would like to..

    there's a lot more racing stuff
    coming up for me in 2012.. looking
    forward to it...

    (neg1sell@Hotmail. com)

  5. Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the site. You're right, I should promote Indy 500 more...but with whatever blogging time I do have, all these thoughts are bouncing around in my head and I get confused. Feel free to leave more comments if you like.