Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrecked Ferraris :(

A wreck on a Japanese highway left eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, and a Lamborghini smashed to bits.  RIP Ferraris...stupid idiot drivers.  "BUT ERIC YOU TOLD US TO DRIVE FAST!!!"  I didn't say lose control of the car, hit a guardrail, and cause a Burnout-style pileup!!  What so many exotics were doing in the same vicinity is quite vexing.

So nobody was seriously hurt...wait, what is this doing on Kotaku and not Jalopnik anyway???

If you are into vehicular snuff images, you can click here...although I don't recommend you do that.

I honestly don't have anything better to talk about--too busy with schoolwork.  This post brought to you buy Windows XP...I needed to install it to complete my Xbox project, lol.  I used to like XP but now I don't...

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