Friday, December 30, 2011

Daytona USA 2 In Forza Four!!!! (Plus More)


Daytona USA 2 cars have been ported to Forza Motorsport 4!!!

They're on the Forza Storefront (all 15, 5 per car) for FREE!!!  Money is not a problem for me.

So Forza 4 will not import car designs.  However, they will import car vinyls.  So I took my Forza 3 cars, copied all 5 sides of the car to their own layer, and pasted them on the Forza 4 cars.  It took a bit of alignment to do so but it was relatively easy I suppose.  So WHY THE HELL couldn't Forza 4 just import car designs from Forza 3 and save us the inconvenience???  The Ford and Chevy stock cars are EXACTLY the same as before.  Oops, way to drop the ball, Turn10.

Sadly, many designs for Forza 2/3 will never make it to 4 unless the previous owners redo the layer process above.  Only the original designer can edit and upload designs.  It's stupid.  Will I ever be able to drive the Seinfeld "Assman" car in Forza 4?  Don't count on it.

Now I was presented with one dilemma while making designs and you may have spotted it already.  They removed the Dodge stock car from Forza 4.  Now why the hell did they do that.  First of all, three car models align perfect with the trio: Chums Gum = Chevrolet, Scorpio = Pontiac (in our case, Dodge), Phantom = Ford.  But now the Phantom and Scorpio share the same model.  Second is that you can't just Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C the vinyls from a Dodge to a Ford/Chevy and have them line up.  So I copied pieces of the Scorpio and lined them up.  Ironed out some of the flaws while I was at it too.

For the Scorpio, I picked the Ford for three dumb reasons.  One, because the Ford has the black spoiler and the Scorpio in Daytona 2 has a black spoiler as well.  Chevy has a while spoiler that's really lame.  Two, because I felt that Ford has the more "stout" stature of the two cars.  Three, because most fan Hornets are using the Chevy model so I wanted to balance it out (Hornet & Chums Gum = Chevy, Scorpio & Phantom = Ford).

I want to talk more about the actual Forza 4 gameplay itself later.  Until then, I'll leave you with some more Sega cars on the Marketplace, none of which I made (except the other Phantom car):

I did this myself...I have an affinity for old boxy cars--in this case, a '71 Nissan Skyline GT-R.  Easy to move vinyls around, ha.

I think you might've seen these two cars from an old arcade game that involves driving on dirt.

The McLaren from Scud Race.

Well, it's not the most perfect Hornet I've seen though it's the most complete.  The Chevy stock car just doesn't do this justice--it needs some old Buick or something.

Nice to see Daytona: Championship Edition get some props--this is a very well done car.  Taco Bay, HAHA!!

Yes, the two Ninja drone cars from Daytona, sweet!

Ok, cya later.

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