Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Download Super Sprint Version 1.0


Extract File to Some Directory.

Play the Game.



For what it's worth, read the lousy readme and DON'T delete/edit fmodex.dll or any files in the Assets folder.

I went back and fixed the bugs that I mentioned.  Plus my main concern was getting the game to work identically regardless of computer.  I'm using time-based movement (as opposed to frame-based movement). Each computer should run this at near 60-FPS.  Whatever, I'll discuss some intricacies on the game later.  Leave me feedback for future updates.


  1. Elo Eric, Mike/F40 ere. :)

    It might be my crusty XP machine but I found the steer left'n'right over sensitive and needs slowing down, (I have only used window mode as I have a 1360x768 screen mode on my PC). I don't believe you released it like it so it might be me as any fan of Super Sprint I trust they know exactly how it plays. :)
    Just a quick tap and the car has turned too much and I can end up facing the wrong way. If it could be slowed down half the time per car movement on the steering I might be able to hold it better - that's to give you a timing idea of what I would be looking for from it being over sensitive to making it more playable for me.

    Sorry to be a pain in the butt. Love what you have done so far and a big pat on the back from me as it's a great effort for your first game! :)
    I think a 777 Speedway track is in order even if it might come across as cheap for us or the AI. You could always add extra hurricanes to make it harder. :)

    Have a good xmas buddy and thanks for the Super Sprint Remake. I will see if I can get used to the steering, if not try full screen just in case!

    Cheers again,
    Mike/F40/XBOX360/OutRun, yes it's me. :)

  2. Right now, my main concern is whether or not it's truly lag that's the problem. Like if you let go of the key but the car continues to swerve anyway. I tested the game out on two computers--one significantly better than the other although they both use Windows 7.

    Or is it because the game is naturally difficult for some. I don't blame you since a lot of people from school thought the game was difficulty (although to me, it seems a bit easy, eh). I could add a sensitivity option although it would be disadvantageous to play at a lower setting since you'll have to slow down more to get through the turns.

    But thanks for your compliments--I can get to adding new tracks later. It's rather easy to get them into the game assuming you can create a 1024x768 PNG file, that is. I seriously thought of making miniature version of Daytona/Scud Race courses although I'm not a great pixel artist.

    See you later, have a good one....

  3. I am loving the game. You seem to be one of the few who remember how great Super Sprint still is today. Your version is awesome and I would love to see new courses based on Dayton USA/Scud Race. Also, I think tracks from Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat would be awesome as well since both games are so similar.

    I do have some suggestions. I would like to see an opening screen like a conventional game and be able to edit the controls.

  4. I have to admit I'm not as familiar with Super Sprint as I probably should be (as a lover of all things retro and all), so I can't really touch upon accuracy or technical issues if they're there. The laptop I'm playing on is still running XP, I think I got this thing 8 years ago, and glad to see it runs smoothly. Didn't encounter any bugs, though I agree with the suggestions above.

    Thumbs up on this one. =)

  5. excellent version..

    i love the updated graphics..
    where are the gates that open/close?

    let us remap the control keys,
    couldn't find them at first..

    also put in gamepad/controller support..

    more tracks, and a harder enemy AI..


  6. Thanks, I really wanted to add the gates but I couldn't get around to it. I know how I'd implement the gates so it shouldn't be too hard. Just that I don't think I have the time or energy to work on it now. Also more options would be cool too, I agree.