Sunday, December 25, 2011


I didn't even watch this video before posting it, IT MUST BEEN SEEN BY EVERYONE...!!!  NAGOSHI COMES OUT ON DAYTONA USA!!!

EDIT: I will go back and add what he said:

* 41 was a lucky number he heard from a fortune teller.

* Racing games were one of his team's strong points.  He was on a business trip when he happened to spot a NASCAR race on TV.  It was simple and fun so he presented it as a different direction for the market.

* The AI in Daytona USA is vastly different per car.  Some try to block you, some move out of the way.  It's randomized for that true arcade experience.

* Driving games should be "exciting and refreshing."  He wants players to feel like a race car driver...that they feel "better" after playing the game (I AGREE!!!).

* He had a chance to visit a NASCAR track (not drive, unfortunately) and the track was so steep he couldn't stand on it.  For this reason, the Beginner track is what made the game so great.  He loves this course and the vast amount of time to make it shows.

* He saw Daytona's success in Japanese arcades but was unsure in the rest of the world.  Fifteen years after the game's launch, he saw a Daytona cabinet in a London airport arcade and thought, "Wow, this game is for real."

* He's proud to be the game's producer and it's something that kept him in the game industry for 23 years.  So he thanks you and I for being such great fans.


I don't have much to say.  Judging from what he said, it's clear that he's the "main man" behind Daytona, not Yu Suzuki, not Makoto Osaki.  Nagoshi came up with the #41 car...too bad the luck didn't translate to Daytona 2.

I think it's strange that it took him fifteen years to realize the game's worldwide impact.  Has he EVER browsed the Internet before???  Anyway, did he pitch the idea for the XBLA Daytona remake as a response to his newfound discovery?  Maybe so.  Now maybe he is loosened up to the idea behind another Daytona?  I don't buy it.

We may have learned a few new things, but I don't know what else he could've said.  Funny that this would proceed my philantropic gaming rant.  So if it's okay if I make the games I like, then doesn't the same apply to Nagoshi?  What can I do about it?  Disregarding his ridiculous lifestyle, it's his choice on what games to make.  Well, at least he could stop acting ridiculous and come out and say, "Thank you Daytona USA fans" (with that sympathetic English translator's voice) which is exactly what he did so...what else can he do?  Just say, "I was completely wrong, I will only make racing games from now on"?

I think with the resurgence of Sega media, now more people know about Scud Race and Daytona 2 than ever before so Nagoshi may see some pressure.  I think most of us are wising up to his antics.

I get on Nagoshi's case a lot but I have to say thanks for the work you've done for racing games so far and good luck with the future.  Even if it's just a bunch of Yakuza sequels.  Maybe he'll wise up but who knows.

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