Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guy's Uploading Lots Of D2 Videos, Give Him Thumbs Up!!!

This is from some guy in (I think) Japan...he's been uploading videos since March 2011 and it's nice to see footage of P1 and P2 cars again...

Good run, he actually runs 43-sec laps which is really good.

Another good run, anywhere close to 3 mins is great.

Hardly anywhere as good as the first two...it's hard to tame the Hornet.

What's this guy doing?  Whistling to the song?  Anyway this is the Mitsuyoshi vocals and I'm gonna say something that may shock a couple of people...I think the D2 Mitsuyoshi songs are cringe-inducing.  There, I said it.  They seem to suit Dennis' voice more, that's my opinion.

This is his profile pic (at the time of this entry)...a tiny Scorpio P2 car.  Now where'd he get this.  Did he make it?  Cause this made me ROFL.  Sweetness.

Anyway, his name is lemans24gtone, type in "Daytona USA 2" in the search bar above his vids, and give every D2 video a thumbs up.  I didn't see every video of his in their entirety, but you get the idea.  As a matter of fact, thumbs up EVERY D2 video you see.  Like all the videos you see in this playlist I made (use the arrows in the bottom left to navigate thru videos).  Hell, EVERY SEGA RACER VIDEO AS WELL.  GO DO IT FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

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