Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Talking About E3 (LOL RIDGE RACER)


You know today's E3 day, you know everyone's gonna talk about it, I could go crazy about it but no I won't.  Unless there's some surprise bombshell game (or an actual bomb that goes off), then I don't really care.  Here's a list of things to expect at E3.  Yes, stuff like "OMG WII 2 DETAILS" and "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE!!"  Just brilliant.  I mean, I'll still view the headlines out of morbid curiosity but I'm not going to play news reporter of another news reporter of yet another news reporter of a talking head holding an overrated electronic device if you know what I mean...

But anyway, this is a funny story about Ridge Racer.  The Nintendo 3DS is getting an update!  However, according to Nintendo themselves, people who play Ridge Racer 3D "may experience a disruption in their gameplay experience under certain conditions."  So for what reason I don't know, they can't play Ridge Racer for several weeks until the next update.  Very funny news.


Anyway, this is a quote from one of my Sega racer friends, F40, on the GameFAQs board about Ridge Racer:

Makes me laugh that Namco can always release a new Ridge for a new machine and then nothing as if it's the only way to maximize sales being one of only a handful of games you can buy lol.

BLOODY BRILLIANT!!  You buy a new console and you want a racing game.  It's either Ridge Racer or some other dreck (like Bloodwake or Pulse Racer) so you get RR.  Never thought of that one before.  Sega would never stoop that low.  Ridge Racer (and I'm not including that Unbounded cancer) will always be average, haha...

EDIT: Woahowahowah...hold the phone.  This from E3 (contrary to the post title).  There's a new Playstation handheld called the Vita.  And guess what one of the launch titles for said device is?  Ridge Racer.  Yes, ANOTHER LAUNCH TITLE RIDGE RACER.  Unbelievable.  Go for the cheap, easy sales.

Oh yeah, and before you hit me with the "y ru such a sega fanboy," crap, here, read this.

And one more thing, we got hackers trying to get into Nintendo(as well as Sony again, as if they haven't been picked on enough).  Really, what the hell this world's come to?  Just hack, hack, hack.  Come on Nintendo, TAKE IT!!  Hack the hackers and send them Windows Account Alert!!! emails.  I guarantee you all malicious/evil hackers are anti-Semites so f*** 'em...  This I know because my undergrad college's website ( was once hacked and plastered with anti-Israeli paraphernalia, true story bro.

Anyway, when I started this entry, I was really tired but since then, I popped in some tunes on my MP3 player and now I feel GREAT.  See, this is where happy stuff like Billy Joel, Doobie Brothers, and The Offspring (yeah) kick in.  Check you guys in two seconds.

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