Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Write Ups On Scud Race, Sonic All-Stars Racing, TURBO: Check It Out...

I found some dude's blogspot that's rather stellar if I say so myself.  Hey look, check out these articles.  Unlike certain Sonic-obsessed individuals, I'm not going to call this "Bullsheeeeet." (censor bypass??)

Scud Race: Basically Daytona USA in "Model3 clothes."  He does say a few things I disagree with--one is that Scud Race & Daytona 2 only have four-players max.  I don't believe this because I saw a D2 six-player setup myself though that was a looong time ago and my memory is a bit foggy.  And we have pictures like this:

Somehow, if there's something "wrong" with this, I would sure like to know since I haven't seen proof that the Scud Race & Daytona 2 games are capped at four players max.  I mean, why would they put eight D2 seats next to each other if they can only play four players max?  And we also know that Virtua Racing has 8-players too, check this out.

He also says that Scud Race lacks physics which is semi-true--it's not realistic but certainly a lot more captivating & challenging than many other racers.  But it's a positive read.  Nice to see some Supermodel emulator footage.  Good to know there's a couple of people out there playing it and being able to get a glimpse of model3 goodness...

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Now this write-up isn't positive since it has a problem with all the Sonic characters and the game's unoriginality (oh God not more Sonic characters crap).  Mentions no Daytona USA/Sega Rally/OutRun representation which I do agree should've been included.  I don't think this game's bad though despite it flaws such as no Shenmue tracks or anything.  A heck of a lot more fun than many racers today--fast paced and more balanced than Mario Kart Wii's online (which I played a lot of as well).  I disagree with his overall opinion but I respect it.  Read my original post on SaSASR here

An aside for SaSASR: I'm going to say this.  How come Mario & Nintendo get all these glorious collaborations but when Sega tries to do something similar in nature, it's put down upon.  Damn, SaSASR was a breath of fresh air compared to all this crap at the time.  That's why I give this game & Sumo Digital more credit than what meets the eye.

Turbo: Ah yes, this was my VERY FIRST RACING GAME.  See, I got trained by Sega racers at an early age--before Cruis'n USA, before Super Off-Road, before Microprose F1GP.  Used to visit the old arcade here and play this game!  This is exactly how I remember the game years ago:

This game came out in 1981 while Pole Position (lousy ass Namco, lol) came out in 1982.

Turbo actually boasts changing backgrounds and stuff, but ultimately the goal is the same--drive and don't hit the rival cars.  Keep going until you run out of time.  Not spectacular but it's super-old and paved the way for games like OutRun and Hang-On.  Believe it or not, Sega produced an even earlier racing game in 1980 called Monaco GP which is like a 2D version of this that is awfully reminiscent of Spy Hunter.  So basically, give Sega credit for being on the ball early with this racing business.

Anyway, give this guy's blog a look since he wrote up stuff on lots of video games.  See, I can post articles I disagree with without resorting to memes and name-calling!  Someone relay this memo to Sonic Stadium.

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