Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sega E3 Booth: IT'S AWESOME, BABY!!! (And More)

And as E3 rolls around the corner once again, this is the time where I complain about the talking heads from Kotaku, GameSpot, G4TV, 1-Up as well as the fat slobs who try to look important by entering a loud room full of electronic devices and "swag" consisting of t-shirts, keychains, and cheap plastic crap.  Wait, I thought E3 was supposed to be blocked to the public...apparently, they reversed on their decision when the angry masses battered open the doors to get inside so there was nothing they could do about it.


So this is supposed to be the 13 games in Sega's booth this year .  This list is from some guy on Kotaku and it doesn't have any sources or anything, but it sounds believeable to me.  EDIT: Never mind, this list is on all the official Sega blogs.  These are the games:

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Anarchy Reigns
Binary Domain
Captain America: Super Soldier
Guardian Heroes
House of the Dead Overkill: Extended
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Renegade Ops
Rise of Nightmares
Sega Rally Online Arcade
Sonic Generations

And...that list is completely underwhelming.  Sonic Generations is the only thing really worth mentioning.  They will probably reveal some new levels (maybe City Escape and a casino stage).  Old-school Sega diehards will love HotD, Guardian Heroes, and Shinobi, so I like seeing Sega give a few old franchises a nod.  We already have Sega Rally Online Arcade so if they rehash that, it would be stupid.  The rest are just expendable to me.  It's great to see more movie-based games (Captain America & Aliens) as well as Nagoshi's sparking gem of a masterpiece, Binary Domain.  If Nagoshi is there, then someone please kick his ass for me.

This is terrible.  I mean, really, who are the ones begging for a new Captain America??  Seriously?  People want Captain America THAT badly???  Well I guess after Superman renounced his US citizenship, America needs a new hero.  Superman, what a putz.

Yeah, this list may not be 100% correct, but do you really expect Sega to just pop out with a new Daytona or Shenmue game?  Remember how we first discovered OutRun & Sega Rally Online Arcades?  We found this name patents on these Korean websites.  We've seen nothing about a new Daytona, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, anything.  I think Sega is banking all their chips on Sonic Generations, a game that they came out with a month before E3 so if Sega has another game up their sleeve, they'd probably have revealed it already.  The ONLY surprise I can think of is Yu Suzuki popping up to announce Shenmue 3, but that old man is already over his head so don't count on it.

But if something BIG happens, then I'll admit my error.  But I doubt it.


As for the rest of E3, we can already tell what's going to happen.  Microsoft is going to release more Kinect crap in another vain attempt to get the diehards to give it a shot.  Sony will release the new PSP and apologize profusely for the server downage thanks to a mumbling Kaz Hirai (while everyone else makes fun of him for everything).  Nintendo will cause gamers to faint with their new Cafe demo (which will probably be on par with the Xbox 360 but who cares, it's Nintendo, they are WINNERS regardless) and some 3DS games.  Then something on Duke Nukem, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Calibur, and Rage.  Another E3, another waste of time, thank you, please come again.

BTW, this new Internet Explorer sucks horribly.  It lags, my tabs mysteriously vanish for no reason, I'm constantly being logged out of Blogspot, and I can't even find out where the history is on this thing.  Oh well, back to Firefox.

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