Saturday, June 11, 2011


WARNING TO SLOW INTERNET hell too late, you already opened this page.

This is a continuation of this article I wrote here.  This Daytona Universe project...recreating all the Daytona USA cars...cause Sega sure as hell won't so make way for the fan stuff.  Thanks DarkHedge!!!


And now for the rest of the cars.  There's a LOT of them and they're all big-ass .png files.  I took the liberty of shrinking them down as .jpg's so I could show them all at once.

This is the Hornet and JC Eagle, both right out of Daytona 2: Power Edition...

These are the Daytona Dreamcast cars...

These are the Daytona: Championship Circuit Edition cars...(the alternate Hornet was made by someone else: click here)

And these are the Daytona 2 AI cars... (look at the D2 guide book if you are in the dark here).

Here's the link to DarkHedge's gallery where you can see all of his work.

I think it's strange that DarkHedge used the car models that he's some Hornets with different, possibly more detailed models:
Thanks to DarkBlueYoshi: Here and Here.

But that's besides the point, back to D-Univ for NR2003.  Since the last post I made, this guy got to work on all these new cars.  Now that the 40-car grid has been completed (there's other cars besides Daytona ones), download the Nascar Racing 2003 roster, here!!

I tell you what, I'm so glad for you all doing this.  This is a big project but this DarkHedge guy did it.  Props to the D-Univ crew and all the Daytona USA fan-made cars out there.  SAVING DAYTONA USA ONE STEP AT A TIME...I'M SO HAPPY.........*cries*

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