Friday, June 24, 2011

I Have A New Pet Now?

But first, today you can buy Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing on iPhone and iPad for just $2 now!!  You can also download the Sonic Generations demo too!!  So that's great.  I'll download the demo but I can't buy the i-game because I don't have either of those two devices...  Shoot me some reviews, people.

EDIT: Just got to thinking...does this SaSASR handheld do or have anything different than the original (Xbox 360, PS3) release?  I don't know...I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel which would be HEERRDDCAARRRRR to the EXTREME....


My younger brother who's always hanging out with friends from school was driving through the night and found a stray black cat alongside the road.  Somehow the cat decided to come home with him.  So he and his friends are playing with the cat, taking care of it, etc.

It's a really small and skinny cat...we have no idea how old it is.

Oh boy, I once owned a black cat called Lenny.  It was the first time I actually "owned" a pet for myself.  I only had him for a week before he ran away.  I want a pet cat but my family is allergic to them.  Except for this cat--my brother (who has claimed the cat for himself BTW) is suddenly not allergic to them anymore.

Our family also had a couple of dwarf rabbits who ran away in similar fashion, never to be seen again...

Oh, let us take care of this cat please which we saved from the gritty streets.  The only thing I'd be afraid of...what my brother names it.


But it's ok because I have other pets to play with!!  My family likes small dogs which are almost as good as cats so that's ok with me...

Trixie the anorexic scaredy-dog (6 years):
Coco (aka Miss Piggy) the lovable dog that is my best friend (2 years):
Kirby the old man (10 years):
And the ferret affectionately known as "Stinky"... (?? years):

That's just a brief look into my pets for now.  The good thing about pets is that they don't mind getting their picture taken.  UNLIKE THIS GUY!!

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