Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another September 11th Post

It's the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 and I don't have much to say.  I know to many of us, that's in the past that we don't remember it as vividly any more.  Like Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination, it's one of those things you read in a textbook and think "Wow, that was heavy."  I don't know of any friends/family of 9/11 victims so it's not that seared into my mind.  I don't even like reminisce on violent, depressing stories anyway so that's what makes this worse.

Someone once said, "What's the big deal with 9/11...more than 3,000 people die everyday of natural causes, accidents, sickness, etc."  Nevermind the effect that this has had on us politically and economically--what this shows is that there are evil men (yes, I'll call them Middle-Eastern Terrorists, thank you very much) out there who will kill indiscriminately.  If they could kill again, they would do it.  And I know this will sound politically-incorrect to some, but I'd rather see those bastards die than any one of us sane people.

And another thing--these terrorists were indiscriminate in their targets.  They killed people of all nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc.  So this wasn't just an attack on America--this was an attack on ALL OF US.

And for some reason, rather than go in guns blazing, dust off our bomber jets, and blow them off the face of the Earth, we instead send in our ground forces to meticulously pick off the enemy. And a lot of our men died in the process and this is really saddening. Whether or not we're doing the "right thing" in the War on Terror, I'm not going to say for certain but that just makes this whole situation more unnerving.

Thankfully, America is still going even though times are tough.  Really tough.

Oh Lord, thank you for the courageous men & women in the military as well as our police, fire-fighters, emergency crews, and everyone else who displayed courage in the face of evil.  And be with the families and friends of the victims of this catastrophe.  And protect our armed forces serving overseas.  And please help America be a safer & happier place than it was before.

Oh yeah, and if I start getting a bunch of traffic from some weird Russian 9/11 Truther page/search engine, I'm gonna kick someone's ass.

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