Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Very First Flash Game!!! 30 Seconds Or Less--Racing Game!!!

Click here to play it.  NOW VERSION 1.1 (10/15/11)

About this game...well, it was rough but I finished it on time and it's good IMO.  I mostly worked on the car handling, go arrow, and game rules so this is my baby, rofl...  Obviously, it was loosely based on Crazy Taxi.  Remember, I didn't come up with the idea for this game.  I was literally assigned my team members and before I could talk to them about the game idea, they said, "Hey, let's make a pizza delivery game like Crazy Taxi."  And I was like, "You don't say..."

A super-beta screen shot!!!

The game may be laggy on slower comps.  I did optimize the code so that it doesn't check objects on screen but the primary culprit may be because there's too many objects on screen.  I can shrink the screen res to 600x600 if necessary.  None of my teammates had any previous Flash experience which means our final product is rough around the edges but still okay...

I could also add NPC traffic if necessary to make the game more challenging.  This is just 1.0 version so I can add things if necessary.  No, me & my team aren't being graded on this anymore, but I just can't let go!!  If you finish 80-90% of a game, why stop there?

Too tired to talk more...just play the game and see for yourself.  I made $150 in my last run, see if you can beat it.


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