Monday, September 5, 2011

LEAVE SEGA ALONE!!! Pt. 2 What You Can Do About It

Hey, guys. This is a follow-up to the previous post where I ask you to see things from Sega's point of view.  It's super-late and I want to get some things in here.

But first, let me divert from my original thought a bit here.  I was watching ESPN last night (apparently, every sporting event was called off due to rain) and I saw a Rise of Nightmares commercial.  Now this ain't new to me but it's nice to see Sega getting a little face time in here.  Also funny how they take a poke at all these lousy Kinect games so they score points for that too.  And the game also looks like House of the Dead so it's not too bad (for a dark, violent game that is).

And whenever old people tell it like it is, it's usually awesome (cause old people don't care what others think...they're old and impatient and don't care about kissing ass so STFU AND LISTEN ALREADY).


Now, as fans of a game developer, it sure is hard trying to be loyal and at the same time, get your point across. As a fan, there's very little you can do at times. But you can still do something. You represent your fanbase well. Get active in the community. You never know when employees of said game company may actually eavesdrop on your work. I mean, developers ARE human--they live in the same world as you and I. So all I ask AT LEAST is to be a good sport about it. Maybe they will repay the favor.

I'd really like to think that some Sega employees have read my blog although I doubt it.  I'll never really know. I have never been milquetoast when it comes to expressing my opinions on the Internet so this blog is now my favorite venue to do it.


But even though you're a fan and you try to be a good sport, sometimes game companies do things that are blatantly stupid. It's one thing to be completely oblivious with what's going on inside the building (Sega??) but it's another to do something obviously stupid/illogical that attacks the fanbase.

See: Activision (Bobby Kotick but no one's a fan of Activision), Electronic Arts (obvious, once again, no fans anyway), Rockstar/Take-Two (Red Dead Redemption/L.A. Noire "sweatshop" work conditions), Nintendo (snubbed's massive Earthbound Anthology fan project), and Capcom (laundry list plus canceling Megaman Legends 3 so abruptly despite thousands of petitioners--"blaming the fans").

So what can you do as a fan when you're let down? Well, you can do a little, like I said before. You can post on random message boards, sign a few "petishuns," and feel sad about it, but there's even more. You can create things. Just because you're not a game designer doesn't mean you're inept.

Like we're talking about Daytona USA, right? We have message boards, blogs, strategy guides, YouTube videos, and user-made cars for games like Forza, Trackmania, and Nascar Racing. We can create fan art, fan fiction (rofl), fan games and emulators (see an example here). We can also try to work for Sega. And we can do more than that need it be.

I'm adamant in my stance for a new Daytona game as long as it doesn't tank Sega. I'm not asking for a 500-man studio with a $100 mil budget here, just a Daytona game with a standard amount of content! And this is something I said a very long time ago but I'll say it again... If for some reason Sega flat out refuses or is unable to make a new Daytona game, then we'll have to make our own equivalent to it. Sadly with all new cars, tracks, and music (unless we can pay Sega for the copyrights, rofl). But we're not "stupid" cause we know what it takes to make a good Daytona game. So if Sega wants to stand in our way, fine. We'll just do it without them and then they'll get 0% of the credit as opposed to 50% or so.

Speaking of which, there's very few Sega job opportunities here in the US but if you live in the UK around London, check out the Sega jobs you can get over there. Some of them are simple, like a straight up "Programmer." Come on, there's gotta be some people with video game expertise across the pond!

Good night folks and try to stay positive.

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