Monday, September 26, 2011

Sega & Steam Got A Relationship Going On

First, I'd like to thank all the commenters for the comments I've received lately.  I hope I'm doing a good job here on this blog which I do entirely for free every day!!!

A weekend that lasts six days.  Now that's the kind of weekend we can all get behind!!!

Anyway, go buy Sega games off Steam now!!  Most are 75% off or more.

Well, I own some of these games for Xbox 360, sorry, PC gaming is "lame," rofl.  What's this--buy 79 Sega games for 79 dollars???  Why are all these games on sale anyway???  Is Sega that desperate to sell games that they give them away for that cheap?  Anyway, it doesn't even include all games like Renegade Ops.  That costs $15 and you have to buy it separately.  I've heard it's a good game thoughEDIT: And I also realized RO for the PC will also feature the Gordon Freeman there you go again, SegaxSteam fanfiction on the way...

40 of those 79 Sega games are Genesis games.  As cruel as this sounds...just get a Genesis emulator.  You get save states and speed throttling.  If anything, the emulator should cost money, not the games (roms).

You have to realize though that Steam has been practically giving away games recently.  Most people are playing console games, not PC games, hence the whole "PC Gaming is Dead" phrase.  Not to mention rampant piracy on the PC.  I bought Left 4 Dead 1 AND 2 for $5.  Let me repeat--2 games for $5.  Well, L4D1 is now null and void cause you can play L4D campaigns on L4D2 now, but L4D2 for $5...not bad.  Now I have this l33t laptop that can run Source games flawlessly.  But I've got bigger games to play, like Sega Racers, Rock Band, and Advance Wars!!

And another thing...what's up with Team Fortress 2 and all the hats?  I know TF2 is free but the hats require some time & effort to unlock.  So it's sort of their Call of Duty/Farmville hook to get you playing.  Something's not right, people.  EDIT: Finally found that picture I was looking for...two weeks later.

Look at this, it's a mess.  These hats are a mess, yes I said it.  I'm going back to Team Fortress Classic.  I love Goldsource.

Oh, by the way...since I go to a video game school, I occasionally get free stuff, like video game beta keys?  One of my professors made his rounds offering people free Diablo 3 beta codes!  But I turned it down.  Why?  I don't like Diablo, rofl.

Come to think of it, I should've taken it and sold/used it as bribe material.  Yeah, so I guess I screwed up! But that's okay cause I only advocate happy games, remember? I will not sell out on my values!

Poor guy
...I wish I had more to talk about but it's been a long day (sat at school for 8 hours, drank cold black coffee again and got the jitters) so I just want to be left alone for a sec, okay....  If you want something educational pertaining to games, read this: Ten Facts about the Video Game Crash of '83!  Good read...


  1. Glad to read that Sega and Steam got relations. All the gamers want unique change in their upcoming games. I am really curious for their upcoming edition.

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