Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Coffee & Scud Race

Well, I went to FIEA today (ok, I know these updates are getting OLD'd) and the Programming class went over time.  Way over time.  Like three hours of learning "Ass"-embly.  Now that isn't bad but no way in the hell I can sit down and go over the same subject for that long in one sitting.

And you ever drank an entire cup of black coffee?  I never drink coffee but they had it in the break room so I got about 6 ounces of it in my styrofoam cup.  I drank that thing in sips at a time.  DAMN, that was some tough s*** but it woke me up!  So it succeeded in its goal.  Although I felt really awkward afterwards cause coffee makes me feel funky...

Also, have you ever been super hungry and tired at the same time?  I got home feeling that way.  I wanted to go eat something but I was too tired to get up.  And I was too hungry to sleep.  So I was stuck in limbo for a while.


Oh yeah, you want to hear something Sega racer related?  Well thanks, rjay, for this lousy read...

According to this random N64 magazine article, GTi Club is a better game than Scud Race.

GTi Club = 9/10 Gameplay, 8/10 Innovation
Scud Race = 4/10 Gameplay, 6/10 Innovation

"But where's the beef?  You get a couple of minutes driving, tops, for your 200 EDIT: yen and there's really nothing to do but steam along, avoiding the other cars.  With the likes of GTi Club inhabiting the same buildings, Scud Racer (drop the 'r') seats are often left waiting for their next bum (bums, wtf???), while the Japanese boy racers give the Minis a run for their money on Konami's baby.

GTi Club.  Better than.  Scud Race?

Return false and puke up, read this flattering Scud Race article to counter-act that lousy one.

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