Thursday, September 15, 2011


A NeoGAF poster picked up on this yesterday and wasn't mainstream news until now.

We still don't know a whole lot about this right now, but trademarks like this have popped up preceeding the release of OutRun Online Arcade and Sega Rally Online Arcade.  So odds are this is true.

It even bears the name DAYTONA USA.  As if they got the Daytona trademark back.  Although we don't know if it's the original arcade Daytona USA (1994) or the Dreamcast Daytona USA (2001).  I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter.

This. Is. BIG.



EDIT: Alright guys, this is an addendum to what I said before.  So bust out the Gorilla Glue and keep your heads (or asses...any body parts that flew off) on.  I know that getting a new Daytona game is a big effin deal (believe me, I know) but we can't just drop everything and spend our time being whipped into a frenzy about this...we know NOTHING about the game so far other than that it has the Daytona license again.  And it will most certainly be a port of game we already have.  Remember that we have the Nebula Model2 emulator so we can play Daytona USA online so it's not like this is gonna be a brand new game.

 Don't let this be you.

Also, I really love Kotaku's post on this Daytona USA announcement.  First of all, it's nice that they'd mention the game in the first place, but it really sucks.  The headline is "Daytona USA May Be Coming To A Video Game Console Near You (Again)."  Then they go on to sarcastically talk about the game, citing that it also came out for PC, Saturn, Dreamcast, etc.

What an asinine post.  We haven't gotten a new Daytona game in TEN YEARS.  I mean, I can understand talking crap if the game came out in short periods of time (see Yakuza, Call of Duty, etc.) but Daytona's different.  There's many series that have appeared on many consoles.  Like, uh...Ridge Racer!  Burnout!  Need for Speed!  What the hell?  Were they even around to care about Daytona USA for the Dreamcast or even the PC?  And even then, there have only been four unique Daytona games--Daytona 1, 2, CCE, and Dreamcast.  And Daytona didn't even appear on THAT many consoles anyway--just Arcade, PC, Saturn, and Dreamcast.  Wow, awesome lineup there!

Close enough.

Kotaku sucks, nuff said.  And this previous post they made sucks too.  The only thing worse is G4TV.  And it takes a hell of a lot of effort to topple them.

Also, I wonder if Nagoshi-san is going to come out and say something about the game.  HELL NO he ain't.  Too busy making Yakuza games and Binary Domain, gee whiz.

JUST WAIT PEOPLE, WE'LL GET THE GAME SOON ENOUGH...  In a few months, just like OutRun & Sega Rally.

EDIT AGAIN: Might as well throw this in here.  I normally don't say this enough but...thanks Sega.  Mad props in my book...

This also inspires me to create another poll in my blog, just to see what everyone thinks about this...


  1. Yeah looks like it's definately coming.
    The Australian classification board submission requires that a game be submitted for it to be listed/classified - they are very pedantic - esp with R18 games which get rejected. (i.e MK9)

    Computer Game – Level 1 /2

    This category is available to all applicants. Your application must be accompanied by:

    a copy of the computer game
    the prescribed classification fee ($1210.00)
    a detailed written description of gameplay,

    Other Sega games submissions
    SEGA RALLY Computer Games (Multi Platform)
    Date of Classification

    Official Release date


    AFTER BURNER CLIMAX Computer Games (Multi Platform)
    Date of Classification

    Official Release date


    SONIC GENERATIONS Computer Games (Multi Platform)
    Date of Classification


    Release date:

    I'd give it between 1-4 months - hopefully before Christmas.


  2. I don't see anything wrong with the Kotaku post, except of the fact they call the DC version a port, while it's a completely different game in terms of graphics, sound and, to lesser extent, mechanics... and that they fail to mention that the proper ports, such as the Saturn one, were really, really flawed.

    Gah, so many things to buy... Skyrim, Sonic Generations, My Little Pony toys (I'm expecting a fresh lineup, I mean, season 2 starts tomorrow) and now this.
    I'm so gonna go bankrupt.

  3. daytona usa for us man!! i can't wait to hear more details, i hope the game is all that we need and want!! = )

  4. Ok, maybe I was a little harsh on the Kotaku article. But if anyone doesn't have money to buy Daytona USA, then I'll give it to you! Everyone gets Daytona USA!!! As long as you promise to spend it ONLY on Daytona USA.

  5. Most die hard fans would have played Daytona USA via the model 2 emu but this release is significant in that they are finally listening to their community. If this release is successful they will probabely release Scud/Daytona 2 - so hopefully it does well. I've been running the DC Daytona USA and I have tweaked the handling but it still isn't arcade perfect. If the handling is off this game will flop. Surely they would know this. I heard a rumor that this Daytona release is in the hands of Makoto Osaki
    he still works at Sega as director - if anyone is in charge of it will be this guy. Apparently this is the guy that implemented the driving mechanics in Daytona USA (as a junior member) and then later directed Daytona USA 2.
    Anyway at least it's a start.
    Maybe Sega will get their act together.

  6. Makoto Osaki is definitely under-rated--this guy knows how to make a racing game, I believe it. See here:

    I wouldn't say though that a Daytona port is a slam dunk for Daytona 2 or even a Daytona 3. I mean, we only got OR2:SP and SR3 so it's not like Sega was trying to go the distance here. Daytona 1 (or DC) may be the greatest extent they go.

    Mike Hayes might just be in a port happy mood--like, "Ok, we already got OutRun & Sega Rally, let's bring in Daytona." Use the same logic when it comes to Dreamcast/Sonic/Virtua Fighter ports. Like they're trying to throw the fans a bone or two (assuming we're dogs) in order to keep us complacent.

    If Sega treats Daytona like they did with their other DC games--just ctrl-c, ctrl-v the whole thing, then I'll have little hope for the future. But if it's really good, then I'll give Sega all the props in the world since we might actually get more Daytona games soon, just like what Sega did with all the OutRun 2 releases...