Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NASCAR, WoW, Nagoshi, Rise of Nightmares, MW vs. Battlefield, Cheap Trick

Here's a random collection of thoughts that I want to get out NOW but am too lazy to sort it out.  Here goeeesssssssssssss (woah this post is BIG)


Oh man, it really stinks that this NASCAR race at Atlanta got postponed from Sunday to Tuesday because of the rain.  I was at school when it came on (3:00 PM) so I missed it.  Man, I hate that crap--friggin keep sporting events on the weekends or in the evening  But this race was good cause Jeff Gordon won (and not Kyle Busch) and they were slippin and slidin all the way to the end. 

Yay, 85 wins!!!  I'm pretty sure there's people out there who want at least ONE win, rofl.  Like that Mike Skinner guy who keeps DNF'ing and coming in last every race.  I really gotta feel bad for that guy.



These World of Warcraft ads that keep popping up on GameFAQs.  With the dancing orcs and humans...I swear, if I see that thing one more time, I'm going to punch someone in the face.  Yes I know WoW is losing subscribers because, gee whiz, don't you think perpetually paying money to walking around a vacant landscape clicking on animals for XP gets old after a while?  And no--I flat out refuse to post a pic of that ad since it's just that bad.


Some Kotaku Speak-Up thing.  What are some instances in which you love a game but not its creator?  Well I can name one--Daytona USA and Toshihiro Nagoshi.  Sorry, Nagoshi, you have to earn my love back...

Anyway, speaking of Nagoshi, he says he wants his new Yakuza Team to be a great Sega studio like AM2.  Not bloody likely.  But I must give Nagoshi a bit of credit since he's still ambitiously working for Sega while I have no idea what the hell else everyone's up to.


Anyway, here's a funny story on SEGAbits.  So Rise of Nightmares is off to good reviews!  7.0...8.0...not bad right.  Heh, GameSpot review--5.5.  Man, now that's turrible...who cares what GamesPOT has to say.

I almost give up with review scores anymore.  Yes, they're fun to write, but they're getting awfully subjective.  I say screw 'em.  And as a game developer, you should make that your mindset or else your feelings will get hurt an awful lot through your career...

In the end though, I feel that this Dead Island game will get a lot more attention that Rise of Nightmares so that's awfully sad.  Well, Dead Island doesn't require the Kinect so they already have one-leg up on the competition.


Oh yeah, did you know that DragonCon just happened recently?  Another convention comes and goes!  DragonCon is some fantasy/sci-fi/comic thing, nothing new here.  Also, there was that Call of Duty convention too.  Yeah, apparently with fun games to play like Juggernaut Sumo Wrestling and Paintball in an arena that's supposed to look like the MW2 Scrapyard level but doesn't even come close.  A furry convention is more interesting than this.

Also one more thing--this Call of Duty vs. Battlefield stuff is mega crap I keep reading about.  Neither is the "good guy" here.  Call of Duty is part of evil Activision and Battlefield is part of evil Electronic Arts. They're both over-rated and shouldn't have so many megalomaniacs following them. And this is coming from someone who played the crap out of CoD:Black Ops and Battlefield 1942 back in the day.

Damn I love Call of Duty campaigns.

Now about Battlefield.  Only good thing about BF:1942 was the vehicles, especially the jeeps (which would self-destruct if you left them idle for 15 seconds). The shooting sucked tho, the maps were WAY too big, and my old computer could hardly run it...

YOU BOTH LOSE, good day sir!


Oh yeah, Cheap Trick is in Rock Band now.  Live at Budokan.  What's up with Japan's obsession with Deep Purple and Cheap Trick anyway???



Hehe, time to go to sleep.

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