Saturday, September 10, 2011


Damn, I forgot all about the Sega Dreamcast's 12th birthday (9/9/99) so that sucks.  I'm sorry.  Too bad I don't have my Dreamcast here in Florida.  Wait, isn't there a Dreamcast emulator out there?  Rofl.

I think this was due to the Saints-Packers game.  Cause the Saints lost and I punched a hole through a brick wall.  This took me some time to recover from.  Well, the game was CLOSE at the end.  And I'm not going to turn this into another "what's going on in the NFL" series of posts, that's stupid.

Ok, this is really creepy and/or stupid.  A long time ago, I went to Burger King to order breakfast.  I like Burger King's breakfast--they have lots of stuff on the Dollar Menu especially the sausage biscuits.  Screw McDonald's.  Anyway, I bought these Mini Blueberry Biscuits with icing on the side.  And I brought those biscuits home and opened it up and bam--I SAW A FACE.

My old dog Trixie would always make this stupid grin.  Usually with her tongue hanging out--she's missing some of her teeth.  And upon seeing that biscuit, I was punched in the face.

They don't look similar?  Well, you're an idiot.

I miss my pets, they were funny.  I moved out of the house, duh.

Holy f*** that's some scary s*** there F***!!!!!