Thursday, September 1, 2011

It Has An OutRun 2 Emulator Too!

Hey guess what.  A VERY long time ago, at Circuit City (before it shut down), I bought OutRun 2006 for the PC.  I didn't install it until now, on my fancy new laptop.  Now I'm cruisin' to OutRun at 1920x1080 res!!  There was only a modicum of lag and that's when I drove off-road and kicked up some dust.

Nice...just click on the pics to enlarge. Okay, I'm not going to turn this into a photo dump especially since there's enough OR2 media out there already.

So I played the game on the keyboard. To be quite honest, this game is meant for consoles. First, let's take an arcade game then move it to consoles AND THEN to PC. As a matter of fact, the menus still use keyboards to navigate, not the mouse. So it's like I'm playing an emulator.

Because I'm using the keyboard, the game sure is hard as heck to handle...the car just jerks all over the place. Since I'm using non-analog controls, that's the breaks. I'm not even going to bother posting my best times since I've done much better before (let's just say over one minute for harder stages). Maybe if I can find a controller or, even better, a racing wheel, I can get going on this thing.

But while the game looks good at 1920x1080, you start to look at some of the buildings/textures and they're getting outdated. Well, duh, this game came out in '03 (ported to original Xbox) and for the most part, you're driving too fast to notice every intricate detail but when you're too busy crashing like I did (lol), you have time to examine the environment.  Like check out the cardboard crowds above (they stick out like a sore thumb).

Kind of sad that now OutRun 2 is a Sega artifact...forget about Daytona or Sega Rally for a minute--will we get an OutRun 3 some day?  They missed out on many parts of the world to include, Asia in particular (where the game was made, come on Yu Suzuki!). See OutRunners or (dare I say) Cruis'n World for more Asian places!

Failure to please a woman is a crime!!

I did it!  I beat the whole game!  JK, I used the "Entirety" code to unlock everything.  Create a license, then go back to edit it. Change your name to "ENTIRETY," press enter, then back out to cancel changes. Congratulations, you've unlocked everything. Works on all platforms.


  1. Hey Eric, it's MrThunderwing here. If you've a got a 360 pad or a generic third party PS3 one they should work pretty well with PC OR2. I've also got a very cheap, but surprisingly good for the money, Ferrari GT thrustmasters wheel which works very nicely as well (even better with Model 2 Emulator and the vibration feedback working for Daytona, Sega Rally and the like). Also, slightly off topic, but you should check out my YouTube channel for a video of Scud Race running on the still WIP next build of Supermodel. It's got working sound and analogue support now.

  2. Hey, thanks for posting. I had a wired 360 controller but not anymore... I'm going to get something for this PC. Also, nice videos, I see this one right here:

  3. yeah, an x360 wired controller works great for model2emu and outrun2006 pc. = ) did you run supermodel yet? good luck @ sega-school! hehe