Saturday, September 17, 2011

RIP Frances Bay (Funny Old Lady)

Frances Bay (January 23, 1919-September 15, 2011), a Canadian-born actress, died Thursday at the age of 92.  She starred in a ton of movies & TV shows, most of which I never watched (well, she also briefly appeared in Happy Days but I never saw those episodes in particular).

Of course, she will be known to me as "that old lady" from Seinfeld (three episodes: The Rye, The Cadillac, and The Finale) and Happy Gilmore.  Being a part of these two shows brands her as an "icon" in my book.

Rest In Peace.

Also pray for the victims of this gruesome plane crash in Reno, Nevada.

Much more to talk about, such as Tokyo Game Show, Ridge Racer, and of course, more Daytona stuff so please bear with me as I take a break to go eat a sandwich.

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