Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daytona USA Books!!! Check It Out!!!

Can't believe it!!  Two weeks ago, just out of nowhere, I ordered two Daytona USA guide books (as you can see above along with my Daytona 2 book).  They finally arrived today.  I got them from this site (they also sell games and CD's).  Each book cost about $7 including S&H which was $15.  So $30 bucks for some Daytona memorabilia was a good deal for me.  They each have about 80 pages, just as large as the D2 book.

Strangely, I ordered these books before the Sega Daytona port was leaked so this is purely coincidental.

OOOOO, CHECK IT OUT....  I should mention that both books are for the Saturn version, not the Arcade version, which I kind of a bummer.  This is part-strategy guide, part-colorful pictures so it's cool to check out.

Table of Contents, sorry these pics are crap.

Oooo, the Hornet!!

It's an interview with Yu Suzuki!!  Like I said before, Toshihiro Nagoshi was the producer but Suzuki was a supervisor, so to speak.

And here's an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi.  Strange cause he looks completely normal here.

And here's Takenobu Mitsuyoshi busting out those famous beats!!

A paper Hornet car?  Hell no, I ain't shredding this book up.  I suck at making these things anyway.  Maybe once I scan this page.

Of the two books, the one with the flying cars on the cover looks has the Suzuki/Nagoshi/Mitsuyoshi pages as well as screenshots of Daytona USA and other Model2 arcade cabinets.  Verrryyy naice!!!

There's also books for Sega Rally, Sega Rally 2, Scud Race (DAMN, sold out...), Daytona 2 (for 104 bucks!!??), and OutRun (78 bucks??). 

I wish I could scan these pages like I did with the Daytona 2 book but I currently don't have access to a scanner...there may be one at school but it would be difficult to use.  So sorry I cannot show it right now.
EDIT: On 11/19/11, I've begun scanning pages of the book.  Click here to see what pages I have up thus far.

It would also be nice if someone could translate these books from Japanese to English.  Clearly that's one of my goals for the near future.

But even if you don't plan on buying books, check out the site's games list anyway for cool wallpaper like this:

EDIT: Pictures didn't load the first time (I hate when that happens cause you have no idea if others can see 'em).  So here they are now:

And this:

Also, two more awesome things that have happened lately!

I smoked this song (The Doors - Touch Me) on Rock Band Pro Keys.  After being teased by this song for so long, I whooped its ass.  DAMN, I'M GOOD...

Also, I got a Gameboy DS emulator working on my computer!  It's the No$Zoomer emulator.  You can play games just by clicking with your mouse (touch screen, remember?).  BTW, I already own the games I'm playing...Advance Wars Baby!!!


  1. Gotta love how they included lyrics for Pounding Pavement in there, as if they were necessary, lol
    Hope you get a chance to scan these books sometime.

    *cough* Looking at Nagoshi without the tan and with his hair still in place makes me feel a little uneasy.

    (and yes, I'm very jealous)

  2. Scanning those books is one of my top priorities...too bad I'm pretty busy and don't have access to the goods. If you have more questions about the book, go ahead and ask.

  3. Nagoshi looking normal, hahaha. Nice find on the books, man.