Friday, July 1, 2011

Call Of Duty Big-Time Catch Up Work (New Maps & Stuff)

But first, I posted a conclusion to the Sonic Stadium crisis here...

June 28th, a new Call of Duty map pack came out.  Of the MP maps, my favorite is Hazard because it's set in a golf course.  Golf courses in an FPS game...wish I had made a CS map of that before (I was about to but I got lazy).  On the other hand, the rest of the maps (Hangar 18, Silo, Drive-In) are not as colorful and thus aren't as memorable to me.

Wow, I gotta tell you, it's nice to see some color saturation for once...

I also discovered something fun about Call of Duty: Black Ops and that is you can play against bots offline.  Originally I thought this was just an online thing but no, you don't need to connect to the Internet to do this.  Just go to the MP menu, click Local, Split-Screen, then Edit Game Options and set how many friends & enemy players you want (any players not human are replaced by bots) as well as their difficulty.  Click on Create a Class and you have EVERYTHING from MP unlocked already, including Gold Camo.  Go to Killstreaks, click Y to clear them out, then pick which three you want.  You can pick any game mode you want but the catch is you can only play Core (not Hardcore) nor can you dictate what weapons/perks the bots use.  Just try it out...fool around with any weapon you's quite cool if your internet is as inconsistent as mine...  EDIT: Bots only work in Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all...not like anyone wants to play other game modes offline.

Oh yeah, I also figured out how to upload Black Ops clips (unfortunately under 30 sec only) directly to YT without need for capture cards.   I got plenty of lame-o sniper montages, but this is a kill-cam I got a long time ago, check this bad boy out while sniping with teh AWP...


Now for Zombies.  There was also this new zombie map called Shangri-la which takes place in a jungle and is sort of Temple of Doom-ish...  This and the previous zombie map (Call of the Dead) all have massive Easter eggs similar to that of Ascension.  The difference is these Easter eggs have been found a DAY after the map packs were released.  Which basically means as soon as people get the maps, they hit the ground running and solve whatever mysteries there are right away.  Well, CotD and Shangri-la have achievements for solving these eggs so that served as an incentive to find out...

Get along, Sonny Jim...  You NEED four players to do this.  Your reward for doing this "trick": a rock that gives one player gets all seven perks permanently (if he's downed, he still keeps em).  You can do this four times for all four players...which is very time consuming of course.

PROFANITY.  You get the Wunderwaffe (can't switch weapons or PaP it) when you do this.  Notice the story arc--the guys send the crew (Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo) to "Paradise" which happens to be the next zombie map, Shangri-la.  We still don't know what happened to that Gersch guy you saved in Ascension.  Bear in mind that this is just the single-player walkthrough...the multiplayer achievement has a few more steps included.

I'm willing to bet that there will be one more Black Ops map pack with a new zombie level set in Area 51.  It'll be based off the Hangar 18 MP map.  Remember in Der Riese that there was the radio transmission about the "Nevada base"?  Bingo, there's your last zombie map coming out this fall before MW3.  I also hope for some MP maps in Vietnam...I miss Ice Cube and the MAC SOG gang, ya herd...

I gotta tell ya...that's one hella tight movie poster.

About actual zombies gameplay, well Call of the Dead is practically broken now (with 2-4 players anyway)--click here to see how to get to "infinite" rounds.  You need a ton of patience--just wait until all the zombies are together, use the VR-11 to give your partner Insta-Kill powers, then have him use explosives to take out the crowd at once.  Over and over again.  Shangri-la is a much tougher zombies map because the level is entirely close-quarters so you have no room to run.  Even with Juggernog and the PaP Raygun, it's hard to survive by yourself...

I was playing zombies solo and I made it to Round 32 on Kino der Toten and 34 on Ascension (will get pics later).  Not the best but pretty good...

My advice is to use little guns, preferably the MPL, MP5, and AK-74, until you get settled in with your four perks.  Keep hitting the boxes until you get both the Pack-a-punched Ray Gun and the Thundergun.  The Galil, AUG, Commando, RPK, and HK-21 are good second-tier guns in the meantime.  Gotta keep moving around the map and DON'T STOP no matter what.  Both time I died, I was holding the Ray Gun and got wedged in and couldn't kill the zombie fast enough to get out.

DON'T EVER let the zombies wedge you in anywhere.  You get stuck, you're dead.  You gotta be like Reggie Bush--the good kind that scores TD's, not the one that backpedals for negative gains.  Open areas are your friend.  By round 30, the zombies take forever to kill with the Ray Gun so just stick with the Thundergun to pry your way through tough spots.  Try to navigate in a way that the zombies lump together then blast as many with one Thundergun shot or lead them into a trap.

In Kino, I would run circles around the level.  Except about every three circles, I hop in the teleporter (with all the zombies right behind me) to the projector room and toss as many nades from up there to soften up large crowds of zombies.  In Ascension, just run to the lander by Speed Cola, wait then escape, run to the lander by Stamin-Up, wait then escape, rinse and repeat.  Both levels, you want to take in as much money as you can so you can spend it on traps when you're in dire situations such as when you're out of ammo.  Be patient and don't waste ammo or do anything stupid.

I got a Pack-a-punched Galil with a pink brain as a reticle...trippy as balls man.  You can't use this in MP which is very STOOOOOPID.  More strange PaP reticles here.
I got bored and laid down a bunch of Claymores in a corner each round...there's a lot of em there.

I'm watching you . . .


And I want to let you in on some MW3 spoilers.  The single-player story has already been leakedMILD SPOILERS: You play as some American soldier named Frost (another dumb 5-letter nickname) who liberates Manhattan and London from Russian forces.  The Russian president flies over to sign a peace treaty, but he is kidnapped by Makarov's men for the purpose of retrieving nuke codes.  Then there's some levels in France and Germany.  Then Soap and Price hunt down Makarov and kill him.  The end, you have no need to play this game now.

Then again, that's what I said last year about Black Ops.  I really don't want to get into another CoD game, Black Ops is fine by me!  Let the noobs and the YouTube commentators go whore out MW3.  Until then kiddies, be sure to attend the Call of Duty convention!  Hey it could be worse, they could make a World of Warcraft conven--oh wait, there is one like that already.

EDIT: By the way, I don't give a damn about Battlefield so don't mention it.

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