Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks Nagoshi: Captain Jack Can Get Me High Tonight...

I'm sorry that as of late I've been posting in a completely reactionary fashion (i.e. news stories).

Seriously, after hearing this man talk (Nagoshi, not Billy Joel), all I wanna do is sit and home and masturbate, smoke pot, meet my girlfriend in the parking lot, find my dad in the swimming pool, and have my mother make my bed. I mean, what else is there???

So anyway, Toshihiro Nagoshi called together a "press conference" today. Yes, apparently he had such a big announcement that he said "Gather 'round me people, I have something to say," more or less.

What is it he said? A new Daytona game? Or maybe a new Super Monkey Ball game?

No. He announced a Yakuza 5. And some sequel to this game called Black Panther which, no surprise, also involves the Yakuza. AND he's also forming a new "Yakuza studio" dedicated to making--you guess it--more Yakuza games!!! (EDIT: What'll happen to Amusement Vision now???) Gee, how many Yakuza games can we take in such a short time?  For the record, the first Yakuza came out on September 2006.  And Yakuza: of the End isn't numbered but still counts.

And to make this stupider, Famitsu leaked this announcement a day ahead. Then again, not like I expected Nagoshi to come out and say "Hey guys, I'm making a new Daytona game!" First of all, that's not paramount enough to demand a press conference. Second, I doubt he was going to announce a new Daytona game, period.

I'm pretty sure there's some people out there who are celebrating.  And no, I don't think the Yakuza games suck--I'm pretty sure they're good.  Not to dimish that but to me, Nagoshi is DONE. Stick a fork in him and run him out of town. I have no faith in this man anymore. He'll make Yakuza and other cinematic games that rip off many aspects of pop gaming culture (see Binary Domain) until he's blue in the face. No word on any new racing games.

I swear, I really want someone to go to one of these meetings of his and politely ask him about his opinions of the Daytona/Scud Race franchise. Then report back to us about it.

Pssh, this news doesn't really surprise me. I'm just looking for any venues for me to slam Nagoshi. It's really disappointing that fans have already beat Sega themselves to the elusive Daytona 1/2/Scud Race ports. I mean, forget about a "Daytona 3," how about a port? No.

Damn, it's really late (1:30 am) and I have class at 10:30 am. Ugh, I hate work. I do have some "unique" posts coming up soon, but I can't post them now. Just bear with me...

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