Sunday, February 13, 2011

Counter-Strike Maps Are Out

I was just sitting around trying to play some Call of Duty with my brother's friends.  Unfortunately, they won't have anything to do with me.  So I've got nothing to do.  I've been thinking about the three maps I made: the mall, the SA2 Ark, and the casino and I put them on GameBanana.  There, that's what you do out of desperation.

Click here to download them (same link as "Counter-Strike Maps" on the right).

BTW, I threw in the Grid from Perfect Dark as a bonus.

They're public domain now, gone away like little ducks leaving the mother's nest.  I don't know if they'll last.  I guess maybe I was being selfish by keeping them concealed for so long.  I sure hope they make some people happy.  I feel nervous but hey, I gotta face the music eventually.  I don't even think people will make a big deal out of them.  Yeah...

I figure I gotta do something to drum up more interest for something I like.  People like maps, I make more, it's simple as that... :o

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