Monday, February 14, 2011

SEGA: Laughable Game Publisher Straight From The Gamer's Mouth

This is about a GameFAQs poll on Feb. 13, 2011.  I followed this since last night and waited for all the votes to be cast before mentioning it.

The question was "Which major game publisher do you most trust to publish the best games?"  Out of a polling sample from 70,938 voters, the results from best to worst are as follows (rounded to nearest number):

1. Nintendo (26%)
2. Square Enix (19%)
3. Activision Blizzard (11%)
4. Capcom (9%)
5. Sony (6%)
6. Electronic Arts (6%)
7. Konami (5%)
8. Take-Two Interactive (5%)
9. Ubisoft (4%)
10. Namco Bandai (2%)
11. Sega (1.24%)
12. THQ (1%)

Click here to see the poll.  Surprised Valve is not on the list either but they'd rank in the half-way part most likely.


Well, let me address a few things.  One, the title is a bit of a misnomer cause you might as well say "Who's your favorite game company?" or something like that.  Oh, and they use the word "Publisher" instead of "Developer" which took me a few glances to pick out.  So Sega gets the benefit of games like Bayonetta and Vanquish here, but that maybe raised their percentage by 0.01-0.02% only for that same gain to be sucked away due to bad games like Full Auto and Iron Man 2.

There really isn't a whole lot to defend here.  They're mostly right, even if you take the GameFAQs bias out of it.  If you saw two anonymous game boxes lying on a table, one with a Nintendo sticker on it, the other with a Sega sticker, which one would you keep?

Do you know who I voted for?  I voted for Sega.  Yeah, me and 882 other sorry losers.  Why?  Cause of Sega Racers and cause of this:

I mean, really, I just don't buy into all these nerdgasms over Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid or whatever.  You can grill me for that but I don't care.  If Sega was to make a good racing game, I would check it out!  Screw Mario Kart or Need for Speed or Chocobo Racing or whatever other crap you got.  I'd enjoy a good Sega racer 10x more than your crappy little RPGs and stuff.

But really, you had Sega back in the 90's, the only company that could compete with Nintendo, on top of the world, but then crash-boom-wham-bomb-smack-dead.  If they're not releasing some crappy Sonic game, it's a hackneyed rehash of some old ported game in a vain attempt to drum up some nostalgia factor, but the public doesn't buy it for more than a minute.  Yes, you got Yakuza, Bayonetta, and hopefully some new good Sonic games, but that's enough.

Let's talk about Nintendo.  Employees who work at Nintendo vs. employees who work at Sega...what's the difference?  Cause I know that the employees at Sega have opposable thumbs (I think).  Is it a lack of resources, skill, or motivation that's holding these guys back?  I'm starting to think so.  Like I said before (and I still believe it), Nintendo is in Cruise Control--they make another Mario or Zelda game, it's an instant hit, Nintendo is God-like, nothing can stop them, etc.  So why does Sega even BOTHER anymore?

Just looking around and I see another example of a great Nintendo product...

Sega should do what Nintendon't.  MAKE A GOOD DAYTONA USA GAME CAUSE NINTENDO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A TRADITIONAL RACING GAME.  There, that's one Achilles Heel that Nintendo has.  Oh wait, no one likes good racing games anymore, my bad.  But at least there's urinal games that Nintendo won't touch.  Yeah, Nintendo is making motion control hardware, Sega is making urinal hardware, makes sense, right.  Oh, and pachinko machines, there you go Sega, a hall of fame lineup right there!  Sticking it to Nintendo.

Oh, and one more thing.  SEGA LOST TO NAMCO.  Wtf.  I mean, what's Namco doing nowadays besides that crap Ridger Racer Unbounded game?  Pushing that Body & Brain Connection game that's basically Nintendo's Brain Age for the Kinect?  Not saying the game is bad, but where's the hallmark titles out of Namco, like...uh, Soul Calibur, Time Crisis, Tekken...Klonoa...?

 Dr. Kawashima works for the highest bidder.

And lol THQ, what are they doing on this list...?  Hey, Sega didn't come in dead last, so if there's a slight victory to be gained here, it's this.

EDIT: I know in the past that I didn't really "care" about all these popularity lists (i.e. best games ever made), but this isn't just a list, this has to do with Sega's ineptitude altogether.

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