Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOTS Of Daytona USA Goodies: More Forza Cars, Flyers, Etc.

Occasionally, I do a Google Image Search for Daytona USA 2 pics and I usually find something new.  Here's something:

* Check out this Japanese site I found.  Some guy made car designs for Daytona USA 1 cars.  The Buick GNX!!  These are for Forza 2 though.  :( I don't know if you can download them.


Now I know some people don't care about this aspect, but I REALLY LIKE the multiple color schemes...nice, I tried to do that with my Forza 3 D2 cars.  Like if you're going to make the AT Scorpio or Phantom, just make the MT, P1, P2, etc. versions.  Oooo, I would love to own a set of Hot Wheels like this...I like the pretty cars.

Also, on the same site, there's a few more D2 emulation shots.  Not sure how they got there but save 'em anyway.


* Not only this, but someone points out that in the movie Dude, Where's My Car, there's an arcade scene where you can see a Daytona USA 2 cabinet.  Now I must plead ignorance here because I've never seen the movie, but is this really true?  I tried looking up YouTube clips of this scene, but found nothing.  EDIT: That site was taken down, re-uploading pic now...


* And this is an old classic.  Someone brings the Daytona USA 2 banner flag to a concert in the UK.  This is from UK Resistance.  I know that this is what the Daytona 2 banner looks like, but why someone decided to bring that flag, I don't know.  Looks legit to me.

And this is the true Daytona 2 banner:

I would love to get my hands on that banner, but they're super-rare--I'll be lucky to find one.  We'll see.


* Model3 emulation of Scud Race and Daytona USA 2 is moving along.  This is a forum topicThere has already been attempts in the past although those have sucked horribly.  I'm kind of in the dark about this but I presume we can get a decent working version within a year.  Why, this will be interesting, but I will discuss the emulation later.


* In the Countdown Thread in the NASCAR 2011: The Game forum, someone posts a picture of a Daytona 2 car.  It's the #7 Tomahawk Motor Oil car.  Now that came out of nowhere.  Strange where Google Images can take you.  Hey, at least there's one D2 fan there.


* Last thing: see if you can buy the Japanese Daytona 2 manual here.  I already own it but if you want to figure out this site, go ahead and try it.  91 dollars, 8000 yen!  Brilliant!  EDIT: Months later, I revisited that site and bought some Daytona 1 books, click here for more info...


  1. The blue #41 car (first picture) is a car I've used very often in the PC version of Daytona USA. The amount of detail on these cars is incredible making them look like the Daytona USA counterparts. They'd be a nice set of street stock race cars. I'd surely have one of those on a short oval or a short dirt oval. With the multiplayer ones, I'd rather have the #2 or #1 cars, since blue and red are two of my favorite colors (especially blue).