Sunday, February 27, 2011

Days Of Thunder XBL Preview

Oh, this one I heard about days ago, but it slipped my mind until now.  There's a Days of Thunder game for Xbox Live Arcade.  It's 800 MSP.  From what I heard, it is pleasantly average.  I should've downloaded the demo but I was too busy playing Pro Keys on Rock Band 3, please forgive me.  I'm sorry--Rock Band is that engrossing that it can distract me from paramount news.

Going for the edgy Burnout angle here...whatever.

Kind of strange that they went back 20 years to get the Days of Thunder license, but at least they bypass the NASCAR license which isn't too bad.  The game has both oval and technical tracks which is nice cause it keeps in line with Daytona USA tradition.

I'm guessing the framerate sucks because of the recording.  Actually, this video does suck so ignore the FPS.  No way you release a game with 5 FPS nowadays unless you want to the lynch mob to knock on your front door.  Pwned.

Actual in-game footage.  It looks better than I expected...  To be fair, the game looks like it has potential cause it looks loose and free-wheeling.  I also noticed how you can go up to 220 mph (354 kph) which is certainly nice compared to the lame-o 190 mph races of real-life NASCAR.  Too bad you can't powerslide.  I doubt it'll ever live up to Sega racing expectations though.

Game sucks on GameFAQs.
Game sucks on Joystiq.

I hope this game is good, really, I do.  I assume I will post further opinions when I actually play the demo.

EDIT: Just played the demo, I thought it was good.  Controls are a bit fidgety but this isn't like Mario Kart, it's a bit tougher than that.  Will post more about this later.


Obligatory movie footage, rubbin' is racing, yada yada yada...let's get an actual movie clip in here, something for you to analyze:


Down and dirty racing...  Now make a Talladega Nights game next, lololol.

"If you ain't first, you're last."


P.S. Why does Internet Explorer suck so bad.

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