Thursday, February 10, 2011

There's Cheaters In GT5, Plus Guitar Hero RIP

There's a Gran Turismo 5 contest on Speed Channel.  Now I've never seen it, but apparently, it's being ruined by a "cheat" in which the driver is able to cut across the grass to shave seconds off lap times.

They should've implemented some sort of Forza system--go off-road or crash and your lap time is voided.  You'd think by the year 2011 that Polyphony Digital would've caught this, but they didn't.  Not using this as an excuse to trash GT5--it is what it is.  And now that this is a televised event, now the crap hits the fan.  They had to trash the last round of entries for this reason.

Now I've already talked about "cheating" in racing games before.  Wall bounce/riding in Gran Turismo, PGR, and any other racing sims.  Snaking in Mario Kart DS and F-Zero GX.  And Sega games aren't exactly foolproof either.  The most egregious example is the pit-stop glitch in Daytona USA--if you drive on the grey strip, you can bypass the pit process altogether.  Now this works on the Beginner and Expert courses.  It's certainly not easy to do, especially on a consistent basis, so it's not like I'm saying it takes no skill to do.  But it is a bit ridiculous, don't you agree?  I imagine this would be an easy fix.  Just a shame that AM2 didn't expect it in the slightest.

There's also wall-riding, especially in Daytona USA 2 (go down to #10).  Now this is an extreme example, but if there's something out of expected gameplay to take advantage of, you damn well know people will do it.  I'm repeating this, but please find a way to fool-proof the game.  The reason for this wall-rubbing is because it allows you to cruise at high speed for longer than usual and realign yourself on course predictably.

So what do we do?  Ok, so do the Forza 3 thing--crash and lap is voided AND/OR car performance drops.  Isn't that a bit extreme for an arcade racer?  Make crashes more punishing by losing more speed or grip?  Possibly, but how much harsher can this game get for the inexperienced?  I think the solution to wrecks would be to make the grip rebound less advantageous so that you use the brakes to slow down, not the wall.  Sega, let me get my hands on the source code and I'll figure it out.

That's a simple rant, talk amongst yourselves about it.  This is game design baby.  We fine tune our games like a Italian luxury car...we don't settle for anything less than 100%.


Now this is another interesting story.  Once again, it proves how brilliant I am.  Back in December, I said that Guitar Hero was "dead."  Well guess what, it really is dead now.  This is coming out of the mouth of Activision!!!  The "best" scenario is that there won't be a Guitar Hero game for 2011 only.  But it's more than likely there will be nothing new out of it.  LEAVE THE MUSIC GENRE TO HARMONIX (ROCK BAND), THEY'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY.

Guitar Hero (btw this song IS IN Rock Band)

No more new Guitar/DJ Hero DLC either
Harmonix "Weeps"

Activision also says it won't release a Tony Hawk game in 2011 either so another genre bites the dust (last TH game sold 3000 copies first week...let me reiterate: THREE THOUSAND).  They are also firing over 500 employees.  As someone who's on the brink of entering the game industry, I'm not going anywhere near these guys.  I really fear for Blizzard and Treyarch.  I mean, dammit man, this is why I say it's a "bad thing" when a game franchise becomes wildly popular.  They just screw it up cause it gets to their heads!  Trash, trash, trash, gaming is dead as we know it.

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