Thursday, February 17, 2011

WTF Is Going On

This is just a miscellaneous post, more serious stuff to talk about later.

I would like to know what happened to my poll vote count.  The one that says "Who makes the best racing games?"  There was once 9 votes (not including mine), but then it went down to 6.  No way, this is BOGUS, man.  And yes, I do pay attention to stupid stuff like that.  So vote, vote, vote and may the best developer win.


And this is a bit old, but we all saw this coming so it's not too surprisingBizarre Creations officially closes its doors February 18.  They made the Project Gotham Racing series, among others.  PGR has always stood out to me as a good contemporary racer which is saying something considering how much of a hard-ass I am.  Dammit, Split/Second killed Blur, thus killing Bizarre.  Well YOU SUCK SPLIT/SECOND.  As if I couldn't say that enough.  Really, I did a rant on this before...

I don't think I gave Blur that much of a shot though.  Maybe I should go buy it for kicks.  Like I said way back, it's not too bad--certainly better than stupid Split/Second.



And one more thing for now.  So right now, I've been playing some Rock Band 3.  I like playing the Pro Keys--that's my new thing.  But for today, I go back to drums and give it a shot again (regular drums since I don't have the RB3 cymbals).  Drums is arguably my weakest instrument although I can play some songs on Expert.  I actually own two RB2 drumsets which sit in my room, both in working condition.

So I'm playing songs like Everybody Wants to Rule the World and I get absolutely raped by the rhythm--barely 3-star it.  It's just a damn struggle to do anything semi-complicated.  I get to these middle-tier songs like King George, Rehab, and Lasso and I'm busting my ass trying to 5-star these.  I actually start to nail these tricky foot pedal/roll parts.  So I do, in my opinion, very well, but much to my chagrin, I'm in the top 40-50% of the leaderboards.  Which basically means that about half of all the drummers out there did better than me.

I mean, it's damn hard to play drums--it's hard to get the beat down, you have to cope with the drumset, you get sweaty.  And all these years of playing and I still suck that bad?  Everyone's good at drums now, that's a given.  Like how everyone's good at guitar/bass because they've been playing since Guitar Hero 1.  The only difference I can pass just about every Expert song on guitar, but on drums, it's a huge embarassment.

This is a more expensive and elaborate drumset, but regardless, WE'RE NOT WORTHY!

I guess part of the appeal of Pro Keys is that it's something "new" and that not so many people are as good at it, therefore I rank higher in the leaderboards and thus feel better about myself.  Plus I played the piano for years while I've never messed with a real drumset.

You ruined my life.

BTW, my younger brother is a huge drummer.  He plays in some teenage screamo band (which practices underneath my bedroom if you can believe it)--into bands like Underoath, Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, etc.  They are Christian bands (I think, either way their music isn't "heathenish" by any means).  But whatever happened to that punk music--ya know, like Blink 182, Ramones, THE OFFSPRING, etc.?  Kids just don't understand.

PSSSH, go listen to some Anthrax, see drum video above.  It's nice to hear a metal band that actually sings in a pitch for once.  Yes, I admit to liking Anthrax.

Thankfully, my brother is only slightly better at RB drums than I am.  He can pass the harder songs, but I can get higher scores by not breaking my combo (assuming the song is within my comfort zone).  He hardly plays though, loser.

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