Monday, February 14, 2011

Daytona USA Cars: Trackmania Nations Edition

No, I didn't make these, but I found these Daytona skins on deviantArt.  Kind of like my old post on the "Daytona USA Universe" cars I mentioned before.  Anyway, take a look:

I like how they got the JC Eagle down although the Daytona 2 guide book I scanned doesn't have any pics of it.  Really good heads-up detail right there, although it's practically the same as the Chums Gum except for a few decals, lol.

These are from batfanx29 on deviantArt.  If you go on his account and request the skins enough, he'll release them.  Some of them are already out.  So just go ahead and check it out.


Also, as a nice little bonus, here's the Hornet and Phantom cars for Nascar Racing 2003:

Check these out at tkkda's deviantArt page.  Like the TMN cars, I don't know if these are up on some site to download.  I didn't see any links for these.  Anyway, go to his profile and ask if you like.


Really, it's just stellar how ever since I got that Daytona 2 guide scans of mine out there for people to see, there has been this influx of Daytona 2 related fan stuff...nice.  I don't say this to brag cause I got little props for my work anyway.  Just saying it's something good to see.  Oh, I'm gonna go ahead and put a link to that Photobucket album under "My Stuff" on the right just cause it's that important.

There's probably more fan stuff like this that I'll find later.

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