Saturday, February 12, 2011

Original Lego Racers PICS 2: DAYTONA USA EDITION

A while back, I took some pictures of my Xalax Lego Racers cars.  Back then I had 35 cars.  Now I have 58 (thanks eBay).  Oh, this is a childhood dream come true...

Now for some Photoshop fun.  This is the real-life Lego Racers game which is not as good as Daytona USA.  This is a given.

So let's Daytona USA-ify it!  

You know what, these Photoshops are pretty crude but w/e.  This took me two hours to do so you better like it.

*Will the Lego Hornet be able to finish 1st in the back of the 40 car lineup?

That's just 40 cars.  I have 18 more (of assorted colors, I just drew these 40 randomly from the box) and I may buy some more in the future.


I'm tired and I'm done with this for now.  I can take more pics like this if I need too. 

Thanks to the Daytona USA sprite sheet by DarkHedge.  Also had to get other sprites from random emulator screenshots I had.  Some of these I got from Scud Race so maybe they're a bit off.

* - Since I did this in Photoshop Print Shop Pro, I can edit the BG image if necessary (or anything else for that matter).  I know it's the AT car with the MT stuff, rofl.  Looks cooler that way.

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