Saturday, February 12, 2011

Secret Counter-Strike Map: Casino Gulfport

Before I begin, let me just say that I have a new reason to be pissed at GameFAQs.  So I'm trying to drum up hits for my Sonic Adventure 2 Ark map and I post a link to it on both SA2 boards (Dreamcast & Gamecube).  Now the one on the GC board has like three posts over two weeks, but that gets marked for being Off-Topic.  EDIT: So did the DC topic.  Okay, the GameFAQs Gestapo strikes again.  They're stalking me, there's no doubt about it.  They hate me.  This I always believe.  I don't even want to argue about the violation anyway since the less said about that lousy site, the better.

Now about the casino map, well...not sure how many people care about Counter-Strike maps anyway, but I like it so I'm gonna share it.


Sonic Adventure 2 Ark:
Northshore Square Mall:

This one I've been slowly improving over the last four years. I'm proud of this one. It is supposed to contain many facets of casinos down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There's the big lobby, the hotel, the buffet, the boat harbor, and the big old casino with the slot sounds blinging perpetually.

Of course, there was Hurricane Katrina which wiped out much of this region, but some casinos like the Beau Rivage are still going.

I may upload this to GameBanana or something in the future, but I hope by doing so, I'm not violating copyright law since I used ten-second fragments of a couple of licensed songs. We'll see about it.

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