Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daytona 500 Is An Inspiration To Us All

Ok, so I'm tired but it was a fun day, I guess.  We saw Trevor Bayne win the Daytona 500.  He's only 20 years (and 1 day old) so he's the youngest to win behind Jeff Gordon who won it at 25.  There were the most lead changes and caution flags of any Daytona too.

You know, it was really interesting to see Bayne win since he only participated in one Sprint Cup race in his career (finished 17th at Texas last year).  In Daytona, he qualified 32th.  He moved up to around 4th with a few laps to go.  He communcated with and agreed to push David Ragan (#6) who was in first.  Now knowing that you'll push someone, it means you are sacrificing first place in order to help someone else to win, but Ragan was black-flagged for changing lanes before the green flag in order to set up the draft with him.  Then Dale Jr. crashed and brought up the last caution.

Thanks to Ragan shooting himself in the foot, Bayne moves up to first in the next green flag.  He ran two laps with Bobby Labonte (#47) pushing him the whole way.  He edged out Carl Edwards (#99) who was creeping up on him very quickly.  Bayne won and did some half-assed donut maneuver and got lost on the way to Victory Lane.

Welcome to Victory Lane!  You made it!!!

It was a good race, especially when you consider how blemish-free his car was.  That was fantastic.

On the other hand, Kyle Bush's yellow #18 M&M's car must've spun out and been bumped about ten times the entire race.  Luckily, he finished in 8th place.

As for the rest of the race, one could wish for a self-repairing automobile cause when you see massive pileups with several people being sucked in, it's no good to see all that junk...  Gotta haul the car out Just press a button and the car realigns itself.  Brilliant!!

Now I don't know if NASCAR rigged Trevor Bayne to win, but if they did, they should've done it in favor of Dale Jr.  You know, cause of Dale Sr.  Anyway, this is inspirational.  If Trevor Bayne can win the Daytona 500, then I can win the Daytona USA 500...make that Sega game and haul that giant box of CD's and throw them all around, save video games, make everyone feel alright...ok I'm tired so I'm just rambling again.  I am looking at a Full Sail in Florida visit soon
EDITEDITEDIT: Seeing some new guy win, it reminded me of Talladega Nights, rofl.

Not really gonna talk about NASCAR anymore...just cause of Daytona USA and stuff.

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