Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shake Hands With Toshihiro Nagoshi

This is from SEGAbits. Thanks SEGAbits.  Nagoshi is promoting his new game Yakuza of the End (the zombie game).  This promotion goes on from February 19 to March 13 in some Japanese places.  You also get this cork drink coaster with a Yakuza pic on it for attending.  I assume Nagoshi will be there shaking hands.

Now assuming I WAS in Japan and could speak Japanese, this is how my meeting would turn out with Nagoshi.  Except I'm Costanza and he's Steinbrenner and we're talking about Sega, not the Yankees.  And it ends with a long tirade about Daytona USA and I get hired by Sega and my wildest dreams come true and videos games as we know it are saved forever.


And in Australia, you get this 12-inch Dreamcast vinyl with your DC Collection pre-order.  Wow, four games and a vinyl CD?  Because a vinyl CD is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the Dreamcast--thanks Sega!

Now if only I had something to play it--ah, here we go.

And I believe the 12 inch Dreamcast vinyl will have music on it.  Sega is on top of things.  They can't make a decent Sonic game or a DC collection with more than four games, but they can make a vinyl CD, atta boy.  *scratch that disc like a DJ*  Just like Jet Set Radio...oh wait, they didn't port that game yet. :(

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